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And what could be better than having the ability to spend more time doing the things you love most . Having more time with your family’s and other exciting things. Working smarter not harder. Having your own business that never close, being your own boss. Making money 24/7, and having only one employee

YOU! All you have to do is advertise. Having the hard part done for you.

Many of you are probably asking what is online affiliate marketing? Finding programs to promote, there are thousands of programs to promote online. These companies offer services to both affiliates and merchants. The different is: Affiliates are people that advertise for a commission while Merchants is the person or company who owns the website being promoted. How do I sign up with click bank? Click bank is a free affiliate program where you can promote any website or product in their Marketplace. This is a great starting point. Here is where many affiliates begin and grow. Pay is received by check in the mail sixteen days after sales are made. There’s a link to sign up at the bottom of the page. There we will discuss the remaining merchants where you will learn about advertising strategies.

How do you go about promoting? To do this you must first sign up. Once you have signed up click on promote product at the top of the page. Where another page will open up, near the top of the page click on Marketplace, Here they will then offer you two things, A search for a particular product in different categories. You wont to choose a profitable website. And to do so simply choose four professional websites. Keeping notes on the title or address to the website, type of product being advertise, and their current gravity level. Looking in four different categories that interest you. Keeping in mind, What is important to your readers? Just what are they looking for? Is there search important enough to solve or just enough to annoy them. At the same time making sure you choose all different websites. Never promote the same website. You wont to target pushing to advertise several sites at once. Now it’s time to get your URL for the websites you choose. So you can get paid for the sales you make. You wont to create hop link so click on it. There should be a window that opens. Where you will enter your nickname and submit. This page will then have your hop link on it. This you will use to advertise the chosen websites. Save this hop link or simply write it down. You should always check the link to make sure it directs you to the website you are promoting. Follow these steps in the remaining chapter carefully, and you will make a fortune online. So don’t waste any more time sign up now by clicking on the link below. You have to understand not to make such simple steps, the hardest ones you have ever taking . It’s as easy as one, two, three. So go ahead and take one click and become one step ahead, chosen one easy way to earn money.

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