The Benefits of a Cork Floor

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When getting a new floor for your house, you must be considering a variety of factors to make the most of your investment. And on that count, cork floors score pretty high. In this article we will discuss some of the special features of cork that makes it a truly unique floor. And you can use it both for your house and for your office.


With a wide variety of patterns and colors available, cork looks great on the floor. And the variety allows you to have floors that suit your style and taste.


The life of a cork floor can last up to centuries. And there is proof of that. Both the Library of Congress and the First Congregational Church of Canada have cork floors that are well over a hundred years old. So when you install a cork floor, you are assured a lifetime of peace regarding flooring issues. Such durability of cork can be attributed to its cellular composition. Even in case of friction, cork is much less affected than other hardwood floors or tiles or even laminates.

Liquid Resistant

Cork flooring contains an intrinsic waxy substance, Suberin. What it does is it makes cork impermeable to liquids and gases. So there are very minor chances of cork actually rotting. In fact cork is considered o be one of the best seals available and is still used today to seal wine bottles, a practice that has been going on for centuries.


Due to its cellulite structure cork also has tremendous resilience built into it. So when pressure is put on a cork floor it will bend but as soon as the pressure is released the cork floor snaps back to its normal position. This is because on application of pressure the cells are compressed while on release they regain heir shape. So walking on a cork floor with a high heel shoe on is not an issue.

Insect Resistant

The composition of the cork ensures that insects, even termites, cannot cause any harm to the floor. The floor acts as a kind of natural barrier for them. Even microbes cannot set up colonies in the cork floors. Thus it is kind of germ free too.


Cork flooring also wins in value when compared to other floors. Priced affordably, cork can come at almost half the cost of some other kinds of flooring available. And then it has all the features which make it truly one of the best flooring options.


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