The American election spending scandal

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So the American elections finally is over, Barak Obama won in case anyone has been on another planet for the last few months! And allthough the press coverage has died down for the moment until he gets sworn in. As for the losers John “you can count on me” McCain and Sarah Palin things seem to be going from bad to worse. It seems that not only did they lose the election by a huge margin they also spent vast ammounts of money on themselves and their family which is causing huge controversy in the America. The Federal Election Commission has been reporting some very interesting financial figures for the 2008 American elections which the American public are sure not to like. It turns out that Sarah Palin spent a little bit to much money making herself look presentable, nearly $100,000 was spent on her hair and makeup through out the election, looking at John McCain around $22 was spent on his! Surely it would have been cheaper to just use clarins makeup or go to Macy’s and buy herself a few hundred dollars worth of clarins products, it also turns out that Republican National Committee spent over $150,000 to clothe Sarah Palin and another £18,000 in the final weeks of the election campaign in several department stores, money was also wasted at toys R us, Kate Spade and Brooks Brothers. Over the course of the election McCain and the Republican party had just over $81 million to spend from the federal funds compared to his rival Democratic nominee Obama who had nearly £350 million to spend. Americans who are being hit hard by the world wide economical financial crisis are sure not to be happy about the spending that the 2 parties went through, surely this money could have been put to much better usage.

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