Teach From Mistakes in Your Home Business Online Opportunity

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We all make mistakes! I know I have made plenty along the way and I will probably make a few more before I depart, but hopefully not as many or as stupid as when I was younger! We all know that we should learn from our mistakes, but it is equally important to allow others to learn from them. Knowing that you started from similar beginnings, allows others to feel that they too can achieve the success you have. If you never admit to mistakes, they may feel a failure, and that they will never have what it takes to be a success. If you have to draw attention to someone’s mistake, start out by admitting to having made mistakes yourself. You are showing that you are not perfect either. This makes it far easier for them to listen to the criticism. It also shows them that the situation is not futile. You succeeded in your home business online opportunity after making mistakes, so can they. My son is not a very good hand writer. I explained to him that neither was I when I was his age but that I was glad in the end that I listened to my teachers who advised me to be more careful as it was very important that my hand writing was good when I came to do my exams. I didn’t give out to him and say ‘you have to practice’. I empathised with him and used my own example to show him how important it was to improve. Like all children he looks up to and admires me, (he is still at an age where he wants to follow in my footsteps), thus my story was a very powerful message for him.

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