TaskRabbit – Getting Things Done And Making Money

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Called “service networking”, TaskRabbit is a new internet service in a few big cities. TaskRabbit matches up individuals with additional time with individuals who need help. By combining user ratings and reviews, TaskRabbit proves to be safer and more reliable than other, similar services online.

How TaskRabbit works

TaskRabbit is built on the idea that TaskRabbit matches people that have additional time with people that need help getting things done. Be it watering window boxes, picking up dog food or running dry cleaning, everybody has something. Most individuals cannot afford a personal assistant to do their running around, but TaskRabbit helps them find help. Anyone with a task posts the details and the way much they’re willing to pay, and someone in their area can agree to help out. It is good for everybody, in the end.

Getting work with TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a excellent way for people in large cities for making just a little extra spending money. The system of TaskRabbit allows for runners for making counteroffers or bids for the tasks. The “service networking” system helps anyone with a couple of extra minutes turn it into cash. If you need to accept a task, you should consider a few things. First, think about how much money the task will cost you. Second, how much time the task might take. Lastly, choose if the task pays you what you are worth. Remember to set aside fifteen percent in self employment taxes if you’re going to be making more than $ 600 a year in these tasks.

Getting a TaskRabbit outside the big cities

You will find only two cities – Boston and San Francisco – that have TaskRabbit services. Adding cities to the TaskRabbit service is within the plans, but it is not yet done. You are able to still make extra money with the TaskRabbit concept, even if it’s not in your city. You can take a look at the “gigs” section of Craigslist, first.

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