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Suze explains how student loan crisis is looming as the next big thing. She says the real estate implosion and banking crisis including the credit crunch have not yet been dealt with well. She implores Congress to head this one off at the pass as our young people are being saddled with compounding interest at such a rate that very quickly the loans become insurmountable. The show took place on 1/24/09.

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  1. dansereske88 Says:

    this is crazy, to study in belgium costs around 2500 euro a year including books…

  2. GoldenNaturalNappy Says:

    this is a great clip because I am a student at a university getting my BA and I know once I finish school I wont be able to pay them back!

  3. Christophilus33 Says:

    When I started going to college in 1994, the career I wanted to get into was in demand. Now, with this economy, I cannot make enough money in my field to live and pay student loans. I am also overqualified for many bluecollar jobs. I am looking at perpetual indebtedness, with known way out. I would work any job, if it would bring the right income level. Right now, I have relatives with below HS education making more than me, and I have an MS!

  4. illnastic Says:

    Thank you Suze!!!!! It just seems like nobody is paying attention to us….banks get bailed out all the time and the gov just gives them more money so they can continue their predatory lending!!!!

    To all of those out there with student loans….its not your fault!!!! And to all those with Credit Card debt…its partially your fault but not totally!!! Hang in there americans!!

  5. dracotei Says:

    Suze, please keep hounding them because I’ve been bitching about this for years! My interest on my student loan is higher than the interest of my mortgage… and i had good credit, nah, excellent back then!

  6. Rizuzua Says:

    This woman made me cry. Oh God knows it is difficult.

  7. jabroniman Says:

    The government should help bail out our student loans and then we could spend that money on a house, car, the economy. But instead they rather bail out huge companies that got us into this mess, giving that money to CEOs and their huge bloated paychecks, so they can buy yet another yacht. Then they expect us to work for nickels and dimes to try to pay back our student loans. What a crooked country we live in, as students can’t even file for bankruptcy anymore, unlike these companies.

  8. raygunsben Says:

    Zeitgeist is a great tool to understand the system, it takes a revolution to really change things. Unfortunately some people think that Pres. Obama will save them from all their problems. I agree with you about being truly free, but the only way to get across to some people is to revolutionize the system. Pres. Obama is attempting to do that, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he has a definitive stance on many things. He’s just another wishy washy President.

  9. raygunsben Says:


  10. raygunsben Says:

    I would suggest you watch the documentary “Default: The student loan documentary”.While the students depicted in the film may have the “poor me” outlook, some of what they say has validity to it. If you spend 4-6 years of your life at an institution and there’s no reward with a decent paying job, then it’s hard to say “everyone should go to college”.Besides, what about people at Jiffy Lube or construction workers? They don’t go to college. I guess what I am saying is that college isn’t for

  11. good2btheking Says:

    I have seen ZIETGIEST the movie and am quite aware how we get fucked in the ass every second of the day, my question is when will we as people going to stand up collectively and change things for ourselves. I need a date time and place, we need to truly be free. I , and i am quite sure all of you, are sick of feeling like criminals when we know we clearly are not. And those who should be condemed are allowed to ruin our lives.

  12. raygunsben Says:

    Here’s how it works,your high school teachers used the model they used to have success. Generally most teachers had low to no student loan debt because colleges used to be affordable. That is,before college became a business. Before printed bags,pencils,shirts, etc to create cash flow. Greedy bastards high-jacked our country a long time ago, we’ve been on a collision course with BS for a long time. Please do research on understanding how much debt has control in our society.Watch Money as Debt

  13. drawde2004new Says:


  14. LeAnnO14 Says:

    *sigh* me tooooo, me too

  15. good2btheking Says:

    Instead of commenting on here we all need to take this up with the powers that be. If they can make their rules and print up some fancy shit, so should we be able to! it is a free country we live it, have we no power over our own lives? I have been without a job since i graduated in 2007. I have been to countless interview and reinterviews but no one wants to hire, how is that my fault, i did everything by the book and now i feel worthless and sold.

  16. Eball06 Says:

    That is very possible. Rome didn’t last forever. Corporate greed is what will bring America to its knees..

  17. POWERequalsGOD Says:

    Correction!! College is not a investment. When you are given a debt to re-payback at interest you are not making a profit off the loan. What you mean by investment is when the investor making the loan is making a profit on the re-payment with interest associated with the risk of the loan. The student is the biggest loser who has signed on as a PERPETUAL DEBT SLAVE to the FIAT MONEY SYSTEM. The student has no GOLD but believes he/she is getting such w/ a DEGREE aka FOOLS GOLD.

  18. demossmd Says:

    If you have facebook, there is a group with 200+ thousand members called: “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy”

    There is also a petition which you can find there.

  19. waverly2468 Says:

    The education industry is like the cigarette industry. It is engaged in selling an expensive product of doubtful value (a degree) and it is pushing sales by using a HUGE marketing machine. The shills for the education industry include your high school counselor, Oprah, nonstop TV ads for ITT Tech, and even your parents. Going to college should be marketed like joining the Army–for some people it will change their lives for the better and for others it will be the WORST mistake they ever made.

  20. KevZen2000 Says:

    America is over. China,Russia, or some other country will be the next super power.

  21. supernova13193 Says:

    um, that’s a dumb way of thinking. Everyone should go to college because it is an investment that will benefit you in the future. It’s about getting the most you can out of scholarships, grants, etc, etc. People should weigh the differences between state schools vs private schools. To say someone shouldn’t try to go to college because they can’t afford it is ignorant and a bit elitist.

  22. jasonpatrickries Says:

    “If you don’t have the money don’t go.” “Its your fault for signing.” Im sick of reading comments like this!!!!! Education has been the great equalizer that has given millions of people the opportunity to improve their economic situation. A nation in which its citizens have no economic mobility is doomed. Can people fault students for doing exactly what they have been instructed to do since Kindergarten, GO TO COLLEGE. Otherwise they will join the ranks of burger flippers and Wal-Mart greeters.

  23. Rockynurse Says:

    LOL! Well a liberal arts degree is not worth 50k in debt.

  24. ManufacturedThoughts Says:

    Then what work at Wal-Mart for $8.50 an hour? We live the Fascist States of Corporations where corporations and government are in collusion with one in other to enslave the population.

  25. waverly2468 Says:

    College is an investment. All investments involve RISK. College is one of the riskiest investments you can make. If you don’t know if you can afford it, then DON’T GO!!

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