Student Loan Debt Consolidation 101

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Student Loan Debt Consolidation 101

Students now have something else to bemoan besides cruel teachers, impossible assignments, and the pitiful amount of their school allowances. Since July 1, 2006, the rate for federal student loans had been officially increased making it the highest rate over the next 6 years.

Consolidating Student Loans: Good Choice or Bad Idea?
That depends on the type of student loan you presently have. You have more to lose if your loan makes use of a variable interest rate, when you consolidate your loan. With a fixed rate, however, you’ll be able to save more money since your loan rate won’t be affected by the annual changes of student loan rates.

Advantages of Consolidating Student Loans
Single Transaction – No need to take out the calculator every end of the month; no matter how many loans and how much debt you’ve incurred, there’s only one single payment to make.

Less Stress – The calls from your numerous creditors will cease. Now, you’ve only one call to worry about, and that’s from your parents, if they catch you doing something you’re not supposed to do.

Less Time and Effort – Besides finally not having to fear answering the phone, you’ll also have the benefit of expending less time and effort in paying off your student loan.

Increased Flexibility in Payment Options – Student loan consolidation is usually not as stringent when it comes to payment optionsin comparison to other types of loans.

Ready Access – Unlike other loan reduction methods, debt consolidation for student loans is easily obtained anytime, anywhere, and for anyone.

Disadvantages of Consolidating Student Loans
Overall Loan Increase – Consolidating your student loan might lengthen the time you’re allowed to pay off your debt and reduced amount of monthly due, but it will increase the cost of your loan in the long run.

Tough Requirements – While it is easily acceptable, we didn’t say your application will be immediately approved. You’ve to meet several conditions before your student loan can be consolidated successfully.

Other Tips on Student Loan Debt Consolidation
If you want to consolidate your student loan, do so now. Don’t wait for interest rates to rise even further.

Know the rules. Don’t waste time allowing yourself to “learn” from mistakes. If you’ve only 1 lender, for instance, you’re legally obliged to consolidate your loan with that lender, and no one else.

Compare rates. Whenever a loan is involved, always compare rates!

Finaly, do not go for the lowest monthly payment. If you can afford to pay more, do so.

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