Stock Trading Tutorial: Are You A Dumb Dog Stock Trader

Pin It (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT) There’s nothing intellectual about trying to trade the same stock or market over and over again even though you continue to lose money in it. In fact, it’s dog dumb. Content talked about in this video: Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

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  1. romarstar Says:

    OTIV; doesn’t seem to go nowhere but down lately.

  2. cosmosgato Says:

    My strategy is compounding not a moon shots.
    At the time of placing my limit order I also place my exit lost and first profit target.
    Once done analyzing I allow the market to take me in and then take me out or pay me off. I can think the best before I’m in a trade and afterwards but not during really.

  3. godzillaunchained Says:

    Bailed on the FAZ last year, or was it the FAS? Really it was both. A beginning trader’s mistake. Those two stocks play against each other and if you trade them using 1 minute duration technical charts they appear to the beginner to be tradeable for easy money, just like the HFT traders who populate that arena .
    Well, they are NOT, because the FAZ and the FAS on the one minute charts are for f**king HAL9000 robots, not fat fingered dumbasses like me.

  4. ohio1998 Says:

    @prudentinvstr , OCNF, talk about a sinking ship. LOL

  5. douglas623 Says:

    FNSR was the one I dumped. I was fortunate that I dumped it the day before it tanked 38%. I did get bit with Ford (f) when it went down 13 %. I lost 9% before I got out.

  6. ohio1998 Says:

    Gold bugs? Unhealthy attachment? Nawwwwww!

  7. prudentinvstr Says:

    Took a hit in UNG. Wont trade it ever again.

  8. darrenandsandysmith Says:

    sds and ewv. I keep trying to pick the bottom in sds but it keeps going down. I over stayed my welcome in ewv. Just stop already.

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