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  1. alizanorrellfht Says:

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  3. Steventk26 Says:


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  4. roman333universal Says:

    inflation??? $ running at real low but still indecators show we could be heading for deflation. dont u see its all happening cause of extreme lequidation of everything. imagine what could have happened if banks and institutions would have had gone bankrupt in first place!!! We need stimulus in short run and bailout was complete necessary. Take a look at Sweden and learn. Ofcouse there is no room to make mistakes this time, like the ones Greenspan did in this mid decade.

  5. 407buddy Says:

    The tables are starting to turn, critical mass non-cooporation is making the idiocrat oligarchy sweat, they are running scared, their globalist NWO plan is not working (out), fuck them, quit paying one red cent to bank credit cards, quit paying for inflated mortgages, quit buying crap, quit working your ass off for shit wages in a shit job, non-cooporation is effective dissent, lets see who’s got who by the fucking balls now,!

  6. fpinon5150 Says:

    You are such a Smart Man that us Americans, are way to Stupid to vote for a Man with such talents.

  7. addiktion13 Says:

    @linwooddeaton I’m not exactly sure what you mean. A lot of people are aware of the problem but are doing nothing in congress about it. They easily get reports from the US Treasury and other financial institutions about the dire situation we are in but do nothing about it. Because nobody gets reelected when they don’t tell the public they cant have what they want.

    If you are talking about the general public they are all to busy just getting by and don’t have time for all financial maze madness.

  8. TheFreemanuk Says:

    nice office

  9. AtlasShruggery Says:

    “The best way to revitalize the economy is war” – George W. Bush

  10. drinkinwithbob Says:

    they say now that dollar is going to be on the rise for over decade

  11. MrSilverovergold Says:

    Same here, I call Schiff the the reincarnation of Christ, LOL!

  12. agitcam Says:

    The debt is not the disease, it is one of the symptoms of the disease. The disease is greed and corruption which are the two principle points of definition of Capitalism.
    I wish I could disagree with this guy because he’s right and he’s part of the problem. In the end he wants no regulation which is a major defense against the disease of Capitalism.

  13. MOPEDBRAD Says:

    @shalcall Yes, but my point is that a vast majority of the non-physical gold people are buying doesn’t actually exist.

    That means that supply & demand are way out of whack.

    As for housing, the market is still being held up by the government forcing freddie & fannie to hold all the properties that were defaulted on….

    The bottom of the market is still a long way away

  14. 407buddy Says:

    Fighting PONZIconomics:
    Time to quit paying credit cards and underwater mortgage?, a strategic decision to survive a rigged system, Hm….it would be interesting to see who’s got who by the balls. Life is good.

  15. Yereviltwin2 Says:

    Put this video in the vault for future generations. I like to re watch this video in five years and see if it comes true. Great one Peter

  16. shalcall Says:

    @MOPEDBRAD Think of the housing market and collaterized mortgage debt obligations. In the end they were backed by nothing (but bad debt). Do you think that houses were underpriced?

    Speculation on gold, in whatever form, drives up the price of gold.

  17. PragmaticStatistic Says:

    @BrettDunbar Yes. Other regions of the world will improve while the American economy shrinks due to a smaller work force. Watch my video”The Next Big Crisis” Part 2 to see how globalization will cost the USA jobs via the interet and telephone outsourcing of jobs, H1B visas, the moving of manufacturing facilities overseas and a shrinking workforce due to the birth rare declines of the past 50 years.

  18. MOPEDBRAD Says:

    @shalcall If the problem is gold ETFs not being physically backed by gold, wouldn’t that make it underpriced?

  19. sirellyn Says:

    @shalcall I suppose its based on the term you are buying and selling it. If I was a day trader or selling it weekly or monthly that may be correct. Although if I’m holding it for years before selling particularly 5-10 years, it is set to perform extremely well.

  20. BrettDunbar Says:

    @PragmaticStatistic It actually would be the entire world out of poverty and people wouldn’t have to rely on child labour and slave wages to survive.

    Yes to global capitalism.

  21. shalcall Says:

    @sirellyn It’s precisely because of those Gold ETFs that there is a speculative bubble (not to mention fear mongering by Beck and Schiff and others). There is also healthy futures trading on Gold. When people fly from the Euro and buy up U.S. greenbacks, I’m going to laugh at the idiots that sunk half of their portfolio in overpriced gold.

  22. sirellyn Says:

    @shalcall So only 1% of ETF or paper gold is backed by physical, people assume it’s 100%. Countries continue to print money by the boatload and you think we are in a gold bubble?

    I’ll gladly buy all that worthless gold off of you.

  23. shalcall Says:

    Schiff fails to recognize that there is a gold bubble at this point. When it bursts, I wonder if all these budding Austrian economists will blame the government for the drop in the value of their gold.

  24. ratsnacage1 Says:

    If he is so clueless, why don’t you help him out, aren’t we supposed to be on the same team here, Team U.S.A.

  25. Nakedseeker Says:

    @DontMeanWell pillows filled with dollars.

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