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I guess you all have seen what happened in the world the last couple of years, and you have probably also seen the forecasts for the next decades. Many people say that the next 20 years will not be anything like the previous 20 years, and I cannot say anything else but agree. This is exactly why you should start your internet marketing business TODAY, and seriously don’t wait a day longer. Don’t get me wrong, we will not perish but the financial security and environment we have seen will be changed dramatically and thus some will benefit hugely from that and some will not. By learning a new skill and building your own internet business I truly believe that you will be in a better position than most people to secure yourself and your family in the future. ECONOMY The world economy are in a true mess, and it can only get worse. Governments worldwide are intervening with the market forces by stimulating the economy (printing money out of thin air) to keep it growing, and thus aEoeactuallyaE� stealing peoples saving money. More money in the market means higher prices which again means that the money we have in the bank gets less worth. On top of this banks and the different countries now have more debt in the history of time, and they are trying to solve this as well by lending more and printing more money. It’s a dead end. At some point they have to let the market go it’s course. Another massive problem for governments worldwide is demographics. More and more people are going into retirement age (for which the government don’t have the money to pay for) and the generation after is supposed to pay for this. NOT POSSIBLE. On top of this most retired people wants to sell their lifelong savings, their house, but the generation after them is just not big enough which for sure will press housing prices down. ENERGY Our most important source of energy is by far oil. Did you know that oil discoveries peaked 40 years ago and oil production gets more and more expensive every day, and on top of that they expect that the worlds oil production will peak within very short. What will then happen to oil prices as we also know that we will be 50% more people in about 30 years. Something will definitely happen and even if we find alternative sources of energy, what can really substitute oil? ENVIRONMENT With a rapidly increasing world population and harder and harder exploitation of our resources we now start to see a shortage of many important resources like gold, silver, copper, wood, fish, coffee etc etc etc. The world has a capacity (believe it or not), and we are using the worlds reserves faster and faster. The three E’s above are massive topics and I urge all of you to go to Chris Martensons’s site and educate yourself on what’s really happening now. The Crash Course is fantastic learning, and when you are finished with this you will know more about the world’s economy, energy and environment than 99% of people does. Highly recommended/ What to do now? 1) Start securing your future by establishing your own business. No excuses aE” start TODAY! The internet marketing business is an option which I recommend, because it takes small investments and it can be done from anywhere in the world. I have 1 recommendation to get you started: Go to The Cambridge Business Academy and check out what they have to offer. Highly recommended. 2) Educate yourself Read all you need to read and make sure to always have time and some money to invest in yourself aE” the biggest asset in your business. 3) Internet Marketing For Beginners Search and find the information you need in order to start or take your business to the next level.

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