Sparks Fly In Britain Over Gordon Brown Bigoted Scandal

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A campaign trail blunder by the incumbent Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown has people in an uproar. Unbeknownst to the Prime Minister, his microphone was still on when he referred to Gillian Duffy as a bigoted woman. The fallout regarding the Gordon Brown bigoted remarks has not been positive. There is a valid concern that the upcoming election will result in a hung parliament. That takes more than a cash advance or two of campaign funds to sort out, if it occurs.

Where the Gordon Brown bigoted scandal began

Gordon Brown had a brief dialogue with Gillian Duffy, a 65 year old retiree, in Rochdale, a borough of Manchester. After speaking with her for a moment or two, the Prime Minister returned to his vehicle. He began castigating his aides for allowing the discussion to happen, that he never should have been put in a position to talk to her, and that she was a “sort of bigoted woman,” according to The Guardian. That is tantamount to giving quick payday to the opposition.

It gets better

First, part of his concern was with television airing the footage. The really funny part is that he said all this forgetting his lapel mic was still on. Gillian Duffy had previously always voted for Labor, including for Brown. According to the same Guardian article, now she has no intention of doing so again.

Attempts at making amends

Prime Minister Brown phoned Mrs. Duffy to apologize personally, according to The Telegraph . His remarks reportedly made her hopping mad. He tried to qualify his remarks to BBC2, by saying she had things alluding to too many Eastern Europeans moving to Great Britain.

The opposition drools

This is completely a bad time for Brown. Right now, the election race between Labor and Conservative parties is to establish a majority in parliament, made worse by the emergence of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. There hasn’t been a hung parliament in the UK since 1974, when it took 8 months to resolve.


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