Sonny With A Chance – Ep.47 – New Girl

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Federal Law Allows Citizens To Reproduce, Distribute, or Exhibit Copyright Motion Pictures, Video Tapes, Or Video Discs Under Certain Circumstances Without Authorization of The Copyright Holder. This infringement Of Copyright Is Called “Fair Use” And Is Allowed For Purpose Of Criticism, News, Teaching And Parody. ———————————— Episode Description: Sonny writes a song about Chad after breaking up with him, But has hard time performing it, still being stuck on her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Grady develops a crush on Mel, a waitress at the Random’s new hangout “The Patio”, coincidentally she is also Sonny’s new neighbor. ——————————— Credits:dmd247

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  1. Sharonneponnetjuh Says:

    last episode?

  2. almikhno Says:

    thank you sooooooooooooo much! l u and chad sing BAD!

  3. almikhno Says:

    thank you sooooooooooooo much! l u

  4. dbzfangal Says:

    wheres zora

  5. Chatterbox5038 Says:

    OMG,I almost died laughing at Chads Girl Run. I fell to the ground running out if breath. 😀 . hehe.

  6. angel1babe11 Says:

    @c0tt0ncandi3 Which means this was filmed when she got back from Mexico…

  7. c0tt0ncandi3 Says:

    demi became tanned

  8. themaze99 Says:


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