Some Essential Tips To Legal Outsourcing

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Proving legal support to an organization from sources experienced handling law that is based outside or inside the country. The word off-shoring is used for getting legal service from outside a country.

There is a wide market for legal outsourcing since its beginning in the 2000/01. LPO providers have established themselves in India, the Philippines, the US, Israel and Latin America. They traditionally offer services in the areas of document review, legal research and writing, drafting of pleadings and briefs, and patent services outsourcing.

Every business can flourish when it makes its clients happy with its services. So it is with the law firms. You can always outsource your work to Virtual Assistant, as are the expertize in this field and will deliver you the best results. The main difference in legal service is that all proceedings are to be recorded. Backups are required. The law firm with the permission of the client can send some of the legal/paralegal paper work to some offshore location and save on time and money.

More than 5500 professional are said to be working in the legal outsourcing industry. They contribute an annual revenue of USD 300 million. This is expected to reach 18,000 professionals with an annual revenue of USD 960 million by December 2015.

The working costs of law firm working in a country also benefits from legal outsourcing. Initially, legal process outsourcing gained traction in the Asian subcontinent. However, in recent years the so called “near shore”, “back-door” “specialized legal firms” have sprung up. Quality and confidentiality are two factors demanded for legal outsourcing.

Most firms and corporations outsource primarily to save cash, and this is considered the biggest advantage for legal outsourcing. The legal services within the country require $150–350 dollars/hour Legal process outsourcing firms can often charge a fraction of this. It has attracted major corporations to outsource specific work outside their legal departments. In Gurgaon and Bangalore, India the industry has benefited from the Global Financial Crisis, due to the increasing number of litigations and bankruptcies.

Teams of Indian lawyers have achieved notable success providing legal research and drafting services in high-profile U.S. litigation matters. The market for outsourced legal work is booming in India. Besides the legal outsourcing works that are normally done by these companies, legal matter connected to movie makers and television companies are also added recently.

One of the major concerns with legal outsourcing is the potential for breach of clients confidentiality. Secondly, another concern is that the people performing legal work may not be bound to the necessary ethical standards.Finally, there is criticism that LPO’s are in effect practising U.S law without a licence/U.S law degree.

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