Solve Your Mortgage Troubles With Loan Modification

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Loan modification is a very effective financial tool that one can use while facing problems related to mortgage payments or certain foreclosure in future. Loan modification or mortgage modification will restructure your existing loan/mortgage into a new one in a manner, which is affordable and comfortably fits your budget. If one is facing financial hardships and having trouble with keeping up with payments and is faced with a situation where a mortgage is a constant strain on resources, it’s time to consider applying for mortgage loan modification.

A mortgage modification program involves restructuring or amending the current terms of your mortgage to help you avoid foreclosure and comfortably manage payments. Loan modification programs are a long-term solution and not a temporary quick fix. What needs to be kept in mind here is that mortgage modification is a process in which the terms of the mortgage are modified outside the original terms of the contract agreed to by the lender and the borrower, usually on the specific inability of the borrower to remain current on payments.

A home loan modification can be made for the benefit of the borrower so that the borrower may continue to repay the mortgage under more favorable terms viz:

1. Reduction or change of the interest rate.
2. Reduction of the principle.
3. Reduction in late fees and penalties and extension of the loan term.
4. The monthly payment may also be capped to a percentage of the monthly income.

Both parties benefit here as the danger of foreclosure is eliminated and the loan/mortgage is kept performing.

The programs provided by the loan modification companies will vary according to the financial situation of the borrower when the application is made. The borrower may be current, in default, in bankruptcy, late or in foreclosure. Different mortgage modification programs provided by loan modification companies in general arise from the motivation that the borrower may be able to afford a lower payment that is more in tune with is economic condition and that the performing loan might be worth more in the long run than the proceeds from a foreclosure sale.

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