Simple Tasks to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

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Selling a home is a stressful time for everyone. Your family home is on display to the world and all of a sudden the house becomes a mecca for stress rather than the relaxing haven it once was. You have the worry of whether you will be able to sell in a difficult market and be living in a state of limbo as a flurry of viewers come in and out exploring your abode.

In the current real estate market many homes are struggling to sell quickly. This alone adds a huge amount of pressure on your shoulders and therefore it’s a god idea to get organised and plan for success. It’s not a case of having a quick clean and leaving the rest to your agent to sort out. You have to prepare the home and make the most of what you have in order to get it sold in as shorter time frame as possible. Here are a few tips from the experts to get you started.

Be Honest About the Value of Your Property

There are many homes left on the market simply because the owners haven’t accepted the valuations they were provided with. You need to be prepared to listen to the valuations and the advice of the professionals and list your home at the right price or else it will not shift. Ask for several valuations from different estate agents and do your own research. Look for similar properties in the same location that are in similar condition and see what they sold for in the last few months.

Remove All of Your Clutter

The next step is to do some work in smartening up the property. You can begin by removing all of the clutter that is contributing to the rooms in your home looking smaller than they really are. Leave one or two ornaments or accessories in each room but pack up the rest and put them into storage. The aim is for each room to still look inviting and comfortable yet not overwhelmed by your stuff. This is especially important in the bedroom. Some viewers will open up your wardrobe doors so make sure you show that there is enough room for your clothing. Don’t pile clothes up in the bottom of the wardrobes, keep your key outfits and pack the rest away.

Decoration and Finishing Touches

Finally sort out the property by fixing all of those odd jobs you have ignored until now. Replace ugly or broken door handles with new modern alternatives such as Apex door Handles, oil the hinges in the home and give the walls a lick of paint. Spend time on the quality of the finish so you can show that you have been a caring owner to those who are interested in buying.

With some time and preparation your home can be placed on the market and sold quickly. Just take a couple of weeks before hand to get everything ready so that the first viewers through the door are instantly impressed.

The author is a full time copywriter. She has a passion for real estate and home DIY and therefore many of her articles are based upon these topics. She has been writing for the past seven years and in this time her work has been frequently featured on top websites and blog posts.


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