Short Sales Case Study 6 with Nathan Jurewicz

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Nathan, the short sales kid, flips a house while getting a haircut. nathan realty house sell money crib case study educational short sale sales preforeclusre pre-foreclosure real estate investing investment investments flipping houses homes bail out guru

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  1. Reyes05 Says:

    this video gives you a boost, living with j.o.b drones takes it toll on you. check your email. …the hatemail email…it`s not hatemail from me lol

  2. evphill5 Says:

    Man I saw your program and was blown away. I’m freaked out over it (cause I KNOW it is possible) you are just mapping out the way for all of those who will listen. I was so on fire like you man I just have to get off the mat that i got knocked down on (I lost 6 figures) when I lost my shirt. Thanxs for sharing your knowledge and I’m going to find a way to get the money for your program. I work at a prison to support my family now but seeing your program I know I can do this again-Phil

  3. desmomoto Says:

    Nathan, Im just watching your videos, its around 5am..and am intrigued. I will be in touch, I have no words right now 🙂 Im located in California. Keep on doing what your doing!

  4. middlelb30 Says:

    OK dude..Just asking questions….And I’m not buying your course.

  5. RichJinPA Says:

    You HAVE to get Nathan’s ShortSalesRiches Course. It is excellent and explains how to set things up.

  6. shortsalesriches Says:

    correct…. I didn’t no… you obviously have not been through my course dude.

  7. middlelb30 Says:


    1. You said you never talked to the seller?,Then who explained what was going on and how did you get a authorization to deal with the bank if you never talked to them? 2. You said you never seen the house? You did not go there when the BPO was taken place?

  8. RichJinPA Says:

    Got it! Sounds so simple now. haha!! Thanks a lot. I really want to get started. My wife said I have to put my fears aside and “just do it!!!” LOL

  9. shortsalesriches Says:

    she didn’t give me a check… I don’t get my wire until she has the buyer sign the b to c and it funds.

  10. shortsalesriches Says:

    have the closing agent come to you…. was that so hard? lol

  11. RichJinPA Says:

    Hi Nathan I have your ShortSalesRiches Course. Great Stuff. How do you set it up so you don’t have to physically go to closing? I couldn’t find that in the course. I saw another video of yours where the paperwork was brought to you along with the check and you just signed it.

    Can you tell me how to do that part since i couldnt’ find it in the course.

    Rich Johnson
    Bethlehem, Pa

  12. broker645 Says:

    thanks nate

  13. shortsalesriches Says:

    go to yout local REIA meetings. THere are probably investors there that will know someone.

  14. broker645 Says:

    Can you point me in the rite directions? i mean is there a website i can go to,,? or do i have to just ask around? I know this works but i have to tell you no1 out here is doing wha you teach…banks tha i deal with need 3or more months seasoning….

  15. shortsalesriches Says:

    right now im using BOA and SUntrust but that is my local banker. You need to find someone local that understans how to sell these transactions to there underwriting department.

  16. broker645 Says:

    nate, im a broker in n.j with more shortsales then i can handle,, question: what bank do you or your realtor use to fund the end buyer? {seasoning issues}

  17. Billy2Shay Says:

    I just bought the program 1 week ago and i’m reading it through… i’m just ready to get cash flow going.

  18. shortsalesriches Says:

    hair- do definately

  19. IchabodWeeyums Says:

    It seems you get more excited on the new hair-do’s than you do for signing a couple pieces of paper (that’s nets you a few grand in cash, each). honest…what’s more exciting?

  20. shortsalesriches Says:

    call me on my cell 813-624-2884 so we can discuss why you think I am a “scam” artist lol! jk. I would be happy to talk to you dude – Nathan

  21. Omega6789 Says:

    This man is a scam artist. You will regret ever wasting your money on him.

  22. robpage1990 Says:

    haha..that haircut? and credibility? just kidding u don’t have to talk to the banks so it wouldn’t matter anyway right? whatever..keep on rockin nate..ima huge fan

  23. tuberron Says:

    Yo, IAM in a band and working on my 1st short sale. Way to go Nate!Cool stuf.

  24. shortsalesriches Says:

    My brother plays the video game “rock band”

  25. motomoog Says:

    Cool Hair,
    Are you also in a Band?
    I think I saw you have some Drums on another Video.

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