shawn michaels tell me a lie

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  1. douglasfranks Says:

    who sings this song ??

  2. colitzadragoon Says:

    Thank you, Shawn !

  3. ChannelUmptyThree Says:

    @RobotRokker Darn straight, one the 15 year anniversary of Raw one of the facts that they noted was that on the active (at the time) roster there were only 2 wrestlers there on the night of the first Monday Night Raw Shawn and the Undertaker

  4. lolitaylor Says:

    tell me a lie that you come bac T.T

  5. EvaIowaCubsFan Says:

    This was done in 1997 when he ALLEGEDLY was done forever thanks to his supposed knee injury which lead to the lost your smile speech.

    I like Shawn in the ring for his talent, and after 2002 when he came back he was a better human being finally, but still, at that time, he was a world class ‘MY BALL’ guy

  6. TVBNHLWWE Says:

    I love HBK, I watched the WWE just for him. His DVDs are the only WWE dvds I own, I love him.

  7. lilchiefey Says:

    When i first started watching wrestling in 1996, my first event i ever watched on PPV, Wrestlemania 12, the day he won his first WWE Championship, the day i became an HBK fan, the first wrestler i ever became a fan of and always have been, to me no matter what anyone else says, the greatest wrestler of all time and i’ll never look at the WWE the same way again

    i hope he’ll come back sporadically, if not, then hbk, you’ve earned your retirement, we’ll all terribly miss you

  8. HEBisreal Says:

    He’s not done yet! this is a Angle! I used KGB on the phone to ask what HBK was doing now that he is retired. The answer I recived is he has no plans of retiring!

  9. miketallica665 Says:

    THey should have played this after WrestleMania

  10. Owens6788 Says:

    The best WWE superstar of all time will be missed

  11. person45ful Says:

    I am glad he can finally be with his family, but i miss him a lot :((

  12. RobotRokker Says:

    Once ‘Taker hangs up the boots, an era will have come to an end.

  13. 123Sarrah Says:

    absolute legend,and i cant beleve we wont see him agen.but we cant be greedy,we had twenty years of this great mans life,let his family have some now.but shawn,you will be missed so much,and if you wont give us one more match down the road…then good luck my friend,and we wiil see you at your hall of fame induction!

  14. thegoods420 Says:

    @RatedRXtremeLita we sure are

  15. JackW6130 Says:

    am goin to miss u shaun michaels forever hopefully he will come bk am goin to miss so much

    ps not as much as my dog

  16. tnaimpact Says:

    cant believe my HBK is gone once again he was my prime growing up until now to the present:( since it was always about Cena for the kids

  17. ringmaster316ms Says:

    @wiggles1a i don’t know about best long-time feud. not once did shawn michaels ever score a one-on-one win over the deadman. far as i remember, the only two true 1v1 matches they ever had were the wrestlemania fights. every other time, someone interfered somehow.

  18. wiggles1a Says:

    CANT THE ARGUING STOP! every wrestler is great in there own unique way just be thankful he got to leave on his own terms and not crippled

    HBK + Undertaker = best long time feud and the 2 best wrestlemaina matches ever

  19. TheHappynot Says:

    @Leg3ndKilla687 Actually the facts are the top guys of the “NEW GENERATION ERA” were Bret Hart and Undertaker. When the belt was put on Shawn the company was almost put out of business but still a great performer.

  20. Leg3ndKilla687 Says:

    @TheHappynot granted from all the male stripper dancing shit when that bell rings hes the fucking michael jordan of wrestling..age 44,45 when most guys be past there prime n outdated ,hbk putting out classic matches at mania..convincing storyteller ,a great seller ,a epic heel (all of canada wanted his head..and still do,,etc ..hbk is arguably the greatest of them all

  21. Leg3ndKilla687 Says:

    @TheHappynot haha u said “close up there” im sorry but 95-97 hbk basically was the top dog then austins popularity got higher..but in that “NEW GENERATION ERA” HBK RAN IT..

  22. TheHappynot Says:

    He never was the biggest name in wrestling but he was maybe the greatest in ring performer ever. If not he’s close up there with guys like Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Rickey Steamboat.

  23. hbk1fan4lyfe Says:

    it’s going to be hard to watch wwe with my family now since shawn left.I love him!!He is the best wrestler to step foot in any ring!Also IMO he is the best atlhete!Sure i’ll watch wwe everyone so often,but without him entertaining us fans,it will be hard.Man no more tuning up the band and giving someone a good kick to the chin.

  24. person45ful Says:

    @MrPerfect77 yes, it is for real, he is gone not to return

  25. ferrari885 Says:

    well if he didnt break peoples hearts while he was wrestling, he certainly did wen he retired, fave wrestler of all time, absolute legend, he’ll be missed, thank you shawn 🙂

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