Shariah Finance

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Shariah Finance expert and Columbia MBA Joy Brighton describes the threat of financial institutions embracing Shariah Finance as a banking and investment product. It is a new form of cultural Jihad with terror supporting implications.

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  1. LibertaerUeberAlles Says:

    I am outraged that Sharia runs the fraudulent Federal Reserve credit monopoly, the Treasury, the govt.-enabled media monopoly and America’s foreign policy.

    I agree with her — this must be stopped!

  2. roufatutube Says:

    Islamic banking created by a sheikh ? How was business conducted 1400 years ago by muslims ?? Ms. Brighton is confused and confusing others. Islamic banking and Sept 11 .. She may be some top gun in finance industry but her talk is clearly biased and shallow about the subject .. even I as novice in the subject can sense her ignorance … All I can say is that its a cheap and false propaganda against the shariah banking ..

  3. samibigboss Says:

    Instead of acting like a 6 or 8 yrs old child who believes what their mom tells them to believe, do your own research and find out what had been stated in this video is true or false.
    ~Google~ has left no excuse for anybody.

  4. samibigboss Says:

    Pure propaganda to keep the sheep’s on track. I urge everybody to make this simple step, open a new browser go to Google and do your research on Islamic-Financing just to enlighten you yourself.


  5. KeepingQuite Says:

    Very Funny, i was doing my best to get convinced…. but sorry… you have missed it Mrs. expert….. no wonder nobody opened his door to listen to you…… let’s see if you will raise enough money to come to Dubai…start a new business… with local banks……… cause you know your money will be always yours…safe, protected….. and you know even when you loose your lost will be shared as well as in case of profit…..

  6. katchra Says:

    Joy Brighton, Sharia Finance Expert or Zionist appointed propogandist?
    She claimed to be Sharia Finance Expert but appears to have no clues of what it is.
    Wake up Americans. Your banking system has enslaved you. THINK. What portion of your earning goes to banks? Western banks are leaches. We all know that. Is Sharia Banking system any better? Go and find out yourself. There is no point listening to this woman (so called expert) who is telling you everything but what actually Sharia Finance is.

  7. AhmadsQuran3 Says:

    Do yourself a favour & LISTEN to our chapter Unbelievers & Believers Achievements 135
    &Clash of Civilizations? 168
    on our web al rassooli org!
    You will WEEP because everything in there is based on undeniable FACTS that also in 265 videos reveal the DEPRAVITIES of Muhammad his Quran & his Sunna base entirely on the Arabic language & references our mother tongue!
    PLEASE listen & do your utmost to DISPROVE a SINGLE item!

  8. timezonemax Says:

    Daniel Ch 7:25 Bible Speaks
    He will think to change times and laws,
    the Anti christ.

    That is Sharia law and Mecca time.

  9. Ferriboat1 Says:

    It obviously doesn’t practice what it preaches, that is for sure!

  10. YTBPacifier Says:

    Believe what you want to believe, I do not give a cuss! again I am not your teacher if you want to learn do research! Read!
    again you are not here do debate you are here to say muslims are baddy!!!!! What is funny you do not have a clue of what islam is and what it teaches!

  11. Ferriboat1 Says:

    So much money, yet they still ride horseback! Bullshit! They did not help them after the Russians, nor now! Pledges mean crap, its action that counts!

  12. YTBPacifier Says:

    Who told you they did not?
    Saudi Arabia pledged $1 billion in export guarantees and soft loans to Iraq. Since 2002, Saudi Arabia has given more than $480 million in monetary to Palestinians and government pledged $230 million to development in Afghanistan. It has also pledged $133 million in direct grant aid, $187 million in concessional loans, and $153 million in export credits for Pakistan earthquake relief. Let alone the aid in the aftermath of the tsunami and katrina in the US

  13. Ferriboat1 Says:

    Yes I do know this, but Saudia Arabia who is one of the most wealthy nations surely could have helped its Muslim brother rebuild but did not! Once again, the hate in that region is even against their own and they do not help one another. Their aim is to devastate and conquer. This is what is taught in the Koran and brainwashed from a young age. Very sad indeed!

  14. YTBPacifier Says:

    One important point! before talking bullshit do some research and read that will cure your ignorance.
    I am not your teacher…
    You are motivated by hate and that is good for you ignorance.

  15. YTBPacifier Says:

    If you read just a little you would find out that before your troops landed there Afghans were fighting the Communist USSR invaders ever since 1979! The USSR was one of the most powerful nations, and Afghans were among the causes of the USSR collapse. Almost 2 million afghans died, 5 millions fled the country and the country was devastated. That was followed by civil war… history goes on

  16. Ferriboat1 Says:

    If you have made so many achievements, why is Afganistan living as if in the middle ages?????

  17. YTBPacifier Says:

    Finally you ended up spitting your venom! Starting from this moment there is no room for discussion with you! You are here to hate not to debate, you are nothing but an ignorant! read history you will realize the acheivements of muslims throughout history and in present day in astronomy (most of stars have arabic names for that reason) mathematics(algorithm, algebra etc are arabic) medecin etc but you are taught to ignore that! ignorance is comfortable you hater

  18. Ferriboat1 Says:

    Take a look at the responses!

  19. Ferriboat1 Says:

    First of all why the hell do you contribute Muslims to success and technology of the USA?? One American killed for your cause is too much! If it were up to me, I would send all our troops back home where they belong and leave you crazy bastards to ride your camels, live in caves and beat your face covered wives!

  20. YTBPacifier Says:

    You do not have respect for muslims at all no matter what they are! 2 billion muslims in the world, if all of them were radicals you would not be sitting there typing on your computer.
    the number of Americans killed by peanuts yearly is less than they number of those killed in attacks.
    But cnn and fow keep up the hysteria to help curtail freedom, and control the country.

  21. Ferriboat1 Says:

    The single one has been the single most devastating attack on the US! As a US citizen it is imperative that we not allow such foreigners into our country to harm our people and destroy the freedom that our country has worked hard to preserve. This is why your comments have no respect from me!

  22. YTBPacifier Says:

    how many terrorist attacks committed by foreigner muslims has there been?

  23. Ferriboat1 Says:

    I don’t but it is a shame that there are enough with such radical views that America as a whole is at a terrible risk to our homeland and to our soldiers overseas. It is enough that I personally feel that if you are of a terrorist nation you should not be allowed entry to the USA. We must protect our people from those who hate us.

  24. YTBPacifier Says:

    do not blame all muslims!

  25. Ferriboat1 Says:

    What about what the Muslims have done to America! Are you taking no responsibility?? Just trying to make to pass the buck? Our forefathers welcomed all to this country. This did not include those that come here to hate Americans and attempt to destroy our freedom. It stems from their jealousy of their homeland’s lack of freedom and opportunity. They need to go back and make the changes in their country. Not come here to destroy and hate.

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