Secure Your Car Insurance With These 5 Best Ways

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You can get the best out of your car insurance if you and get the best out of your car – it is as simple as that! Take good care of your car and the car insurance costs would automatically be lower.

1. Park your car in a safe place
A number of scratches to your car happen when someone inadvertently drags the tip of their umbrellas against your car. Or a kid might be running fast and the buckled of his bag scratches your car – small scratch but it kills the look of your car. And there isn’t much you can do about it apart from tearing your hair apart or fighting with your neighbours on careless their kids are! So park your car with cover or in garage if possible. Else park it in a place where kids do not play.

2. Never mess with Public Transport Buses
This can be the worst especially in big cities. Be away from public transport bus or even truck and Lorries. It does not help in messing around with them or overtaking them and shouting at them to teach them a lesson. They are big and they cannot manoeuvre the vehicle as much as you can with your power steering. So allow them to pass.

3. Stay a mile away from Taxis and Auto
They will comfortably rub against your car and will be on their way – they have nothing to lose. Vehicle does not belong to them and moreover they have a union that will support them and further more they won’t pay you for any damage caused to them.. Small dent in your car cost you big amount. Yes you can claim it through insurance – but then your no-claim bonus of your auto insurance goes for a toss. To get more money per day they drive more so they are always in hurry to cover more distance in a day.

4. Do not try to club car insurance claims
Very often, when there is a small scratch or dent you put off going to the garage as it might not be worth leaving the car there for a week. Next time you go in for servicing, you think of clubbing all of them and putting an insurance claim -bad idea Chances are that the claim would get rejected and you may have to shell out money from your pocket. Get it done at the time when it happens even though if it is a small scratch.

5. Take photographs wherever possible
Yes, you cell phone can come to your rescue. If your car meets with an accident, take as many photographs of the damage so that there is no ground to reject your claim. It simply makes it more authentic.

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