Sec. Chu Announces the First Auto Loans for Advanced Technologies

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06/23/09 Dearborn, Michigan Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced $8 billion in conditional loan commitments for the development of innovative, advanced vehicle technologies that will create thousands of green jobs while helping reduce the nations dangerous dependence on foreign oil. The first three auto loans for advanced technologies were awarded to Ford Motor Company, Nissan Motors and Tesla Motors.

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  1. dharmastipulate Says:

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  2. Lttlrvrt09 Says:

    investigate Tesla Motors…………to many foriegn entities envolved with this Company not to mention Al Gore…………….Tesla Motors has never showed a profit for its roadster How in the hell will they show a profit at Taxpayers expense.

  3. workingmaninaz Says:

    obama give way gangsters o thay love him
    just show me the money see his video
    ( steve chu nissangate )

  4. ratryu Says:

    Wow, great speech.

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