Sea Shepherd Farley Mowat Rammed – Seal Defense Campaign 08

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Canadian Coast Guard Rams Farley Mowat The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Des Groseilliers twice rammed the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Farley Mowat. The Coast Guard had ordered the Farley Mowat to not approach the area where seals are being slaughtered. When the Farley Mowat did not comply, the Coast Guard rammed the vessel near the port aft stern area. After the Farley Mowat stopped in the ice, the Coast Guard rammed the ship a second time in the same area of the ship causing damage to the plates in that area. The Coast Guard has demonstrated extreme recklessness with this move. The crew of the Farley Mowat were engaged in documenting the slaughter of seals. They were not interfering with the hunt. “I’m beginning to wonder if anyone on the bridge of the Groseilliers has a license to command a ship,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen. “The incompetence of the Coast Guard has already cost the lives of four sealers this week-end and now they are ramming ships in dangerous ice conditions. This is unbelievable. It’s like the Coast Guard has declared war on seal defenders and the sealers are collateral damage.” The Farley Mowat will remain in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and will continue to document the atrocities on the ice. Already the crew have seen enough evidence to understand that the Canadian government’s pretense that the slaughter is humane has no basis in reality — in other words it’s a state sponsored lie. “It appears that Canada is prepared to use

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  1. UnderMan2020 Says:

    @trinkking2 Well canada raided and arrested the crew and took the ship and later sold it. I know that sucks.

  2. trinkking2 Says:

    they need the Farley Mowat back for the Japanese!!!!

  3. Zoroasterrrr Says:

    thats nice you were at your meeting feeling good about yourself while seals are being killed… thats effective. Dumb Cannok….

  4. jrgamekid Says:

    they should name it canadian gay gaurds

  5. zusak39284 Says:

    I’m on the sea shepherds side alll they way

  6. Tomtheredneck Says:

    yessssssss….i wish the Unites States yould do that to jap whalers

  7. gingeramybarbie Says:

    I support the Sea Shepherd crew wholeheartedly, I believe in zero tolerance for any form of animal cruelty. I’m proud to be European, seal products are now banned in Europe and I feel the Sea Shepherd crew have played a profound part in this.

  8. gingeramybarbie Says:

    They’re the Seas Shepherd Conservation Society, not Greenpeace.
    Massive differences between the two.
    Fair play to them for ramming a coastguard ship. This brought a massive amount of publicity to the cause.

  9. Ruula Says:

    Canadians govurnment is stupid..allways have been stupid! ignorant fucks. Yeah i said it! everything they do is just a complete disaster. it`s allways been like that. no wonder why the canadians have such a bad reputation. a coast guard suppose to be the law and represent order and they do this by rammmming their vessel in to the Steve Irwin!! and they call them eco terrorists pirates?omfg. what they did went clearly under the pirate code. stupid fucks.canadians should be ashamed of thr leaders!

  10. sassysistar Says:

    The Canadian Coast Guard once again shows their stupidity.What a disgrace.

  11. RailsandRadials Says:

    anyone who says the coast guard was doing the right thing, get a life. anyone who says all canadians are sealers is an uneducated person spewing their idiocy, and anyone who says that the Sea Shepherds and the Farley Mowat, (with one t trapper 420) seriously needs to get their morals and stories straight. The pilot and captain of the ccgs were being morons. and, finally, 1085oliverda, just because they’re part of the “Law enforcement community” doesnt’t mean they were doing something right.

  12. VivekRajcoomar Says:

    canadian bitch guard.

  13. Soulisscool Says:

    sealers give themselves a bad name. it’s absolutely disgusting, and cowardly, how they kill young helpless seal pups and some are even skinned whilst still alive.

  14. thedarkallies Says:

    rIGHT ON!!!

  15. fluffypolarcat Says:

    I’m Canadian and I’m against the seal hunt! Just like lots of other Canadians are. A few weeks ago I was at a huge anti seal hunt rally in Toronto and it was very well attended. So DON’T CONDEM ALL CANADIANS!

  16. BloodRaaven Says:

    WTF????? The name should be changed from Coast Guard to Coast Pirates. I half expected the Coast Guard to throw over grappling lines and gangplanks, to swing from the mainsail with knife clenched between teeth and onto the deck of the Sea Shepard and start slaughtering the crew, making some of them walk the plank. What the Coast Guard did is fucked up, absolutely Fucked up.

  17. RealybadFry Says:

    You little piece of shit. i hope your chocking on a piece of sealmeat. Long live the sea shepherd and praise paul watson. he is the only man who know what to do!!!
    Greetings from Germany you poor sealer bastard.
    i hope a big seal fights you to death!!!!

  18. trapper420 Says:

    Farley Mowatt was in Canadian waters. Farley Mowatt was lost….just like the Real Farley Mowatt. And the skinny runt at Helm is starving…Just like the real Farley Mowatt was. Long Live Canadian Coast Guard. Long Live the SEAL HUNT ….eat meat and wear furs…. Just like the Creator meant it to be.

  19. Vesaliuz Says:

    fuck canada and club sealers’ heads

  20. johnnydangerous29 Says:

    All the people on here who claim they club seals and it’s fun have probably never seen one. You’re giving the eco nuts ammo and giving real sealers a bad name.

  21. BranVam Says:

    “In exercising their rights and performing their duties under this Convention in the exclusive economic zone, States shall have due regard to the rights and duties of the coastal State and shall comply with the laws and regulations adopted by the coastal State”

    “refrain from any activities other than those incident to their normal modes of continuous and expeditious transit”

    “… may not carry out any research or survey activities without the prior authorization of the States”

  22. BranVam Says:

    The SS broke some very serious maritime laws. They rammed a CCGS for one, disobeyed direct orders, and appears to have attempted to run over sealers. They allege the arrest is illegal as they are in International waters – by saying this they are intentionally misleading the public. At furthest they were in the 200 mile economic zone. Maritime law clearly states the following regarding foreign vessels: Vessels must transit the waters in a most direct manner that is safe and without delay.

  23. 1085oliverda Says:

    your actually right about that, the CCG could have used firearms to prevent that ramming of there ship in the same way a police officer could use his firearm to prevent a motor vehical from deliberatly hitting him. Coast Guard officers and ships are part of the LAW INFORCMENT community.

  24. 1085oliverda Says:

    as an american coast guard officer its very obvious that these greenpeace people are at fault here, the CCG ship was actually moving aft when the second hit happened and furthermore the CCG have the right and authority to order the seasheperd to change course and i am 100% sure that the captain of the CCG ship did just that over the radio to the seasheperd, its one thing to attack private merchant ships but to ram a coast guard vessel is the most idiotic thing to do.

  25. sethenosh Says:

    Don’t fuck with Canada LOL what you gonna do roll up a doobie, and wet your pants!! Paul Watson IS Canadian lmao he’s your brother in arms, and at least he is doing something useful you freakin Canadian pothead trolls!!

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