Scenes from Verona The Movie: Queen Mab’s Palace

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  1. Sharleen974 Says:

    everything is hot and sexy, but please what’s with those shy kisses? It kills the all thing. You see they’re straight actors. They juste touch they lips as if they were afraid. So disappointing and fustrating.

  2. BeccaLuvs1988 Says:

    will this film ever come out ? someone please tell me

  3. Degrassi90210lol Says:


  4. senlopuris Says:

    why he took of the shirt??!!

  5. CanyonZody91 Says:

    When is this coming out on DVD or in theaters?

  6. snooghans5 Says:

    @MyAnimatedRomance lol admittedly he looks a tad different lol. just look for the tattoo. i believe hes towards the end of the movie…(sex scene)

  7. MyAnimatedRomance Says:

    @snooghans5 I watched No Night Is too Long!!! How did I miss him? XD *goes to watch it again*

  8. snooghans5 Says:

    @MyAnimatedRomance he also plays in paradise falls and no night is too long.

  9. dckevin11 Says:

    how do I make that annoying shit at the bottom go away? I subscribe, I bought the song, I click the X and it opens a goddamn ad

  10. MurderOfSuburbia Says:

    does anyone know what they’re drinking?? Is it Absinthe?

  11. MurderOfSuburbia Says:

    @Lolalai not that i’m aware of…. if so where can I find this??

  12. Lolalai Says:

    There are a few download centres that claim you can get the film for a small fee, is this true??? Has it already been screened??

  13. MyAnimatedRomance Says:

    @Lolalai Oh thank god! I thought I was going crazy XD

  14. Lolalai Says:

    @MyAnimatedRomance You’re right actually! XDDDDDDDDD

  15. MyAnimatedRomance Says:

    Okay, I swear the queen singing (who I assume is Queen Mab :P) was on Queer As Folk… an episode in season 1 with the contest at Babylon and Justin won? Or am I insane? XD

  16. TellxMexDarling Says:


  17. Nickadinoable Says:

    waaa i want to see this movie now.. D:

  18. coryrdr Says:

    John Breger and shannon kook-chun are sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  19. degrassi1430 Says:

    is this out yet?

  20. AnimeCountDown Says:

    O.o Holy shit! That was the damn hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my short life! Spontaneous orgasm, much? That’s the best acting I’ve seen in forever!!!

  21. AAR0fan Says:

    omg!!! hes shirtless!!!

  22. Degrassi90210lol Says:

    How come I haven’t seen any clips with the guy who’s Spinner???

  23. TellxMexDarling Says:

    i looked up shannon cuz i heard he had a accent… then i clicked this. OMG

  24. 4Amanecer Says:

    Heart attack heart attack, there should b a WARNING on any video where Shannon appears, he’s just too HOT n SEXY 😀

  25. 71bungle Says:

    i can’t help but watch this clip over and over again, John and Shannon are so hot together, please someone tell me that this film is going to be completed and also i don’t want a sad ending, the song is fab as well i think the lyrics say it all, clever director…!! well done..

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