Scamming Attorneys Gum Up BPOil Spill Claims Process

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An oil spill fund of $20 billion was started by BPas directed by the Obama administration. A mere pittance of those mega billions has been dispersed to Gulf coast residents who say their livelihoods have been overturned by the environmental and economic carnage. Individuals waiting for a BPhandout complain that getting cash for nothing isn’t really simple enough, while attorneys try to parasite their way into a piece of those billions. Source for this article – Horde of fraudulent lawyers tie up payment of BP oil spill claims by MoneyBlogNewz.

Figuring out how to deal with the BPoil leak claims

About 19 percent of the $20 billion BPset aside for the oil leak claims was paid in the BP oil spill claims with $3.8 billion paid in total by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility a year after the Gulf of Mexico accident in 2010. The BPoil spill fund has been dispersed by Kenneth Feinberg who was appointed by the Obama administration. Now, 201,261 claims have been paid, he says. More than 857,000 claims have been made. In five states there are 35 offices for the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. The BPoil spill claims can be paid by it until 2013, in August. Feinberg has been criticized by Gulf residents and local government officials for a claims process that has been called confusing, unfair and slow.

Damage proof

Feinberg made a statement on Tuesday about the BPoil spill fund management saying “Amounts requested by claimants very often bear no reasonable relationship to the damages really proven,” since $20 billion was requested by one applicant. A payment or offer of payment has been made for 72 percent of BPoil leak fund claims. There have been claims denied too. Others are pending until more documentation is produced. Fishermen not used to paperwork in deals and generally working in cash are having a hard time figuring out the BPoil claims process. The Coast Guard has not overturned any of the 574 cases disputing payments.

Several attempting to get their cut

Residents in the Gulf Coast have not even realized when some lawyers sign them up for claims or get misled into thinking they can get money, especially the populations with cultural and language barriers. Feinberg spoke on the fraudulent activity. He said it was “an obstacle to the efficiency and speed in getting the checks out.” The New York Times states that several law firms have targeted Vietnamese fishermen to con them onto their client lists. The larger the client list, the larger they payout for the attorneys when BPsettles the claim. The New York Times states of a San Antonio law firm that filed claims for thousands of Vietnamese, all listed as deckhands with identical earnings. The claims were rejected, and several individuals were surprised to discover their names on the list.


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