Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

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The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it. So says Russell Means, legendary actor, political activist and leader for the American Indian Movement. Means led the 1972 seizure of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters in Washington, DC, and in 1973 led a standoff at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a response to the massacre of at least 150 Lakotah men, women, and children by the US Seventh Cavalry at a camp near Wounded Knee Creek. American Indian Russell Means gives an eye-opening 90 minute interview in which he explains how Native Americans and Americans in general are all imprisoned within one huge reservation. Means is a leader for the Republic of Lakotah, a movement that has declared its independence from the United States and refused to recognize the authority of presidents or governments, withdrawing from treaties it made with the federal government and defining its borders which cover thousands of square miles in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. Means explains how American Indians have been enslaved within de facto prisoner of war camps as a result of the federal government’s restriction of their food supply and the application of colonial tactics, a process that has now also been inflicted on the United States as a whole which has turned into, “one huge Indian reservation,” according to Means. Means warns that Americans have lost the ability of critical though, and with each

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  1. jesusisalive2 Says:

    best quote in the whole thing: the history of the indian and the history of the american have now come full circle and we’re intertwined. And the dictatorial policies of those that control the monetary system have done such a bad job of it that they are destroying themselves… and … it’s ludicrous, at best.

  2. hemhagan Says:

    @marthawhitesvideos1 how right you are, and how sad so many people are not aware of this ..

  3. abbesieyes Says:

    Sorry, Si Thanka, Spotted Elk. His band was Roman Catholic, so he likely was. Dewey Beard/Iron Tail also became part of SiThanka’s band, converted to Roman Catholicism after surviving Wounded Knee.

    It seems that Sitting Bull was also killed via the machinations of one McGlaughlin (Irish RC) and his band of ‘Indian Police’ cronies.

    It seems there is far more to “Wounded Knee” than merely revenge for Little Bighorn…and likely subversion of one part of the Lakota by another.

  4. abbesieyes Says:

    OMG…I just verified it. Russel Means is….Catholic. Too rich. Black Elk, whom he singles out for laurels….Lakota Catholic.

    I knew this smelled to high heaven. Russell Means, lending a hand with Propaganda Tres and the Requirimiento against this Republic.

  5. abbesieyes Says:

    Russel, you were not facing ‘America’, you were facing Rome on the Potomac and in the State Capitols…two very different beasts. But you are correct on the timing. It was not until after WWII that Romes grip was tightened within the US. It started with their poisoning and shooting of US Presidents.

  6. abbesieyes Says:

    Russel does not know the causality…nor does he truly understand why his tribe was targeted. Just like those who are currently putting his statements up for your consumption. No going to first causes. One wonders whether or not he has sold out to Rome as well?

    Rome has historically targeted all cultures that understood/understand ‘The Firebird’, including the Lacota.

    It is not Base Liberty that failed, we are merely feeling the full effects of Roman Subversion since the Civil War.

  7. numbagoon36 Says:

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  8. shelikestorunalone Says:

    @robacadabra omg it was a spike quote from a buffy the vampire slayer episode lol. i thought most people would understand the reference. calmmmm downnnn

  9. AnnoyingElbowScrape Says:

    this_dude_is_HILARIOUS_just_search_up_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  10. individualnliberty Says:

    Wise words.

  11. LittleMissMichigan Says:

    43 people are dense.

  12. realchildofhell Says:

    Mitakuye Oyasin – you are a great man.

  13. hoochlinseyidm Says:

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  14. wabe04 Says:

    Russel you are a great man keep up the good work
    we love you
    hoka hey

  15. Yazidmanou Says:

    What a good man. This kind of document should be shown in all american schools.Thanks for the work. Very interesting, from a french point of vue ! GREAT !

  16. staffordfarm Says:

    Thank you so much for helping our TRUE History….please know that me and my family listen and pray for you and your truth. As long as your truths keep being recited….it will live. Today we have ’emotional’ driven ”hollywoodized” people that eat poison food and are apathetic to reality. They think a movie is ……… Life is because you and others are telling the TRUTH!

  17. quintuplettraject Says:

    this_kid_is_HILARIOUS_search_up_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  18. robacadabra Says:

    So much truth in this – people who get offended, get off the damned blue pill of political correctness and feel your own feelings for once.

  19. robacadabra Says:

    @shelikestorunalone – I’m glad to hear some people stand up for their ridiculous upholding of “might is right” and “veni vidi vici” – these are the ILLNESSES we have suffered under for centuries. “Conquering” is not a way of life that is sustainable – but keep on tellin us how much you just LOVE this concept so we can point you out and put you in your right place – you probably don’t even know where that is, but it’s not on this planet…

  20. metropoliskgp Says:

    this_guys_TOO_HILARIOUS_just_search_”Joe Terino Kesha”

  21. bettytoo2 Says:

    very wise man ,he’s right its a pyramid .

  22. bradchesney11 Says:

    The U.S. Government does not clearly define and secure the “border” between the U.S. and Mexico for a reason. Mexico will likely continue to morph into a Narco state and be usurped by the U.S. DEA agents and U.S. citizens are targets of “Narco-terrorism.” This will be deemed as a “clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the United States of America.”

  23. bradchesney11 Says:

    If the U.S.S.A. collapses, it’s likely that “Lakota Nation” will be completely overrun by a new government entity. Cherish what you have and don’t waste time with petty resentments and hypocritical moralizing. Lakota displaced and conquered a people who were not as savvy, organized and aggressive as they were.

  24. cameronjsiic Says:

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  25. JHK1976 Says:

    Our forefathers hated the idea of democracy our school systems have brainwashed all of us into thinking we are a democracy we are not supposed to be We are a constitutional republic WAKE UP AMERICA WE NEED A WAR TO TAKE BACK THE POWER DOWN WITH CORPORATIONS.

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