Rounders (11/12)

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A law school student (Matt Damon) loses his tuition money and everything else he has saved in a high stakes poker game. Learning his lesson (he thinks), he vows to his girl friend (Mol Gretchen) to give up playing forever. That lasts until his best friend (Edward Norton), a notorious card shark, is released from prison and drags him back into the circuit to pay debts he has incurred to a Russian mobster (John Malkovich). John Turturro also appears as a career poker player and Martin Landau plays a law professor who understands his student’s need to be something other than what is dictated to him.

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  1. cptnbennett Says:

    @Bell0my I hate having the highest rated comment on this video because I am continually tempted to school you guys on watching this movie. Unless you’re trolling me in which case, nice job. Re-watch the scene. Damon specifically says that he played tight, and mostly folded, for an hour. Does folding most hands mean doubling and tripling up to you?

  2. Bell0my Says:

    he could easily have doubled or tripled up in that hour to more than 6k.

  3. kiva822 Says:

    @cptnbennett I know….who was consulting on this movie? I love that there is a poker movie out there, but whaaaat? As the poster says below 25/50 and he opens 20x? WTF?

  4. cptnbennett Says:

    @shahrukh877 I re-watched it because maybe I was wrong, but at 6:39, John Tuturro said that he needed 50 or 60 grand to sit in that game, and Damon responded with “Well I had 6.”

  5. shahrukh877 Says:

    @cptnbennett I think he said 60K not 6K

  6. theseer27 Says:

    LOL the first hand is just too hilarious. 20xbb button raise. followed by a 5x 3 bet. and then. hes representing aces…the only hand that can beat my cowboys. bahahahahahahaha

  7. GovWillKillU Says:

    @cptnbennett ha i know i thought about that too

  8. afwoods Says:

    So if Teddy KGB wins, and he owns Matt Damon, What does Matt Damon hafta do? Because I would want that clearly explained to me ahead of time.

  9. dmed312 Says:

    math damon’s character has a serious gambling problem.

  10. dmed312 Says:

    @cptnbennett He could have doubled up by then

  11. dmed312 Says:

    @cptnbennett He could have doubled up by then

  12. lxt210 Says:

    stick it in you rolf. that motion he does is priceless. i tried that once lol

  13. whatever2981 Says:

    Just lajk a jang man coming in for a qwiky.. I feel vjery unsjetisfied.. 😀

  14. jparkfosho Says:

    @cptnbennett why would johnny fold to a 5 bet in limit holdem

  15. supasonic7 Says:

    I just realized that he had a bankroll of 30000. I mean it may be bad BR management, but he could have bought into the world series of poker and still have a stack to play with

  16. lamegliogioventu Says:

    @cptnbennett i tought he said he had 60 k !?!

  17. germanost Says:

    @cptnbennett he was playing limit HE

  18. jahdC Says:

    @cptnbennett when he said 6 he ment 60,000 listen to the line before were kinish said “no u need 50-60 thousand” “well i had 6”

  19. Malaka57 Says:

    @cptnbennett You should see how Hollywood fucks up the chess playing world…

  20. Patriots125493 Says:


  21. fatsomamacheese Says:


  22. fatsomamacheese Says:

    @Torment87 He can raise 20x the BB pre-flop in his own club “ven ehver…dah faak…he plees”

  23. brandondash Says:

    I see a lot of know-it-alls posting in the the comments… a bunch of people who didn’t know a damn thing about poker when this movie came out.

    Far too much ego indeed.

  24. wirra436 Says:

    God, I love John Malkovich…… Great Actor…!!!

  25. Torment87 Says:

    Blinds 20/50. Let’s raise…oh let’s say to 1000. Raising 20x the BB pre-flop. This movie is hilarious.

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