Rounders (10/12)

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A law school student (Matt Damon) loses his tuition money and everything else he has saved in a high stakes poker game. Learning his lesson (he thinks), he vows to his girl friend (Mol Gretchen) to give up playing forever. That lasts until his best friend (Edward Norton), a notorious card shark, is released from prison and drags him back into the circuit to pay debts he has incurred to a Russian mobster (John Malkovich). John Turturro also appears as a career poker player and Martin Landau plays a law professor who understands his student’s need to be something other than what is dictated to him.

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  1. DJChaps Says:

    @evil661productions the chan game is set in AC, limit country. I didnt ever notice raise sizes in the film, but i assume it was a limit game.

  2. osamabad Says:


    I think that’s the point. If he had busted Chan, he would seem way too good, and it wouldn’t be realistic.

  3. evil661productions Says:

    lets break this last scene down.. johnny chan comes and sits 300:600. matt damon sits down with 6 grand.. and folds most hands… but lets just say he has his 6k. johnny chan raises… so he probable raised.. 1500 lets say.. matt damon.. re raises.. has to at least re-raise at least to 3k.. so lets say he does that.. chan re raises the “tourist..” he raises… min is 4.5k… lets say he does it.. matt damon ships it for 6k.. johnny folds..

    johnny was either drunk, high, or had 72o.

  4. jhalas20 Says:

    @esco42085 Dude, he put a MOVE on Chan! That’s like dunking on Lebron.

  5. Torment87 Says:

    How is losing your money with A9 vs AA with A99 on the board equivalent to being outplayed? What the hell is this kid on? That’s a massive cooler you can’t get away from, no matter how good you are. This movie is cool, but sometimes it’s just full of shit.

  6. kaine969 Says:

    @jun19fan40 shut up, nothing ruined this movie. It’s a great movie.

  7. yssupvuli Says:

    @SpankensteinPKR Oh please any fish could do that to a pro like Johnny Chan. Chances are he’s been running the table over with rags since he sat down. As far as Chan is concerned this short stacked sucker is 5 betting him with AA or KK. Especially if Matt Damon is playing tight. Chan made a good pre flop fold even if Damon had rags. Nonsense.

  8. 24magiccarrot Says:

    @kangadf In limit you might might fold 2K in such a situation, if you play pot odds in limit then your always getting the odds to call but if you do that you will lose money long term. also there is probably only about 1500 in the pot your making the assumption that Mike made all his money for KGB from this hand, he would have played in other games meantime this event happend 9 months prior to this, Mike hasn’t gone 9 months without playing.

  9. kangadf Says:

    I see your point, however you must remember that mike went to kgb’s place with 10K, so he made 4K on that hand alone, since he says he got up and walked out after that move. Now, would Chan fold any hand on a 10K pot, with 2K more to call and maybe win 12K?

  10. 24magiccarrot Says:

    I think its limit poker their playing, cause when matt damon re-raises he doesn’t say an amount.

    Chan had seen that Damon hadn’t played a hand for an hour so knew he was tight, so there was a chance he’d fold to a raise and when Damon re-re raises Chan puts him on aces or kings.

    In most vegas casinos there are unlimited raises when its heads up in limit poker

  11. kangadf Says:

    That story he tells about outplaying Chen is bullshit and Ill tell you why: He says chen raises so lets say it was around 1.8K (Im taking NL 600 since his friends says he would need 60K to play), Mike reraises lets say he min reraises and makes it 3.6K, then Chen 4bets making it at least around 5K. Would he really fold to a 6K shove(assuming Mike didnt have his blinds stolen), needing to call only 1K in a 11K pot? I dont think so.

  12. jun19fan40 Says:

    Man I hate how movies are ruined when you actually know about the subject matter…

  13. Bmxboylikesktlz Says:

    Haven’t seen him in a lotta movies but this is the best that I’ve seen him in =D

  14. mennione Says:

    Thank you for the correction. And nothing, that’s not part of the movie. In life and friendships…good movies… things don’t always balance out.

  15. omxpablo19 Says:

    so that makes up for worm being a shitty friend? and its spelled lenient.

  16. mennione Says:

    Because he took the complete fall and did the jail time by himself. He could’ve turned in who he was working with and they woulda been linient on him but he took the full rap.

  17. omxpablo19 Says:

    why would he owe worm. i seriously doubt worms intention for screwing over his friend was to get him back into poker.

  18. lazy610 Says:

    yp exactly what i had to say +1

    deceive and receive

  19. mennione Says:

    Above everything else he owed Worm. And found his place via the professor. He repayed his debt to both.

  20. Charon4201 Says:

    John Turturro did great in this movie.

  21. 123flashdrive Says:

    the main prob i have wit worm is after they got all their money stole he took off and left mike out to dry.. thats notta good friend esp when it was his debt to begin with

  22. 123flashdrive Says:

    yea your exactly right

  23. rafybass11 Says:

    he waited for a while giving himself a rep as a tight player and he couldnt shove because it was limit hold’em obviously if a player who hasnt played a hand for an hour keeps raising your bets it is probably a good idea to fold and that is what chan did

  24. gjuboy1122 Says:

    lol well he did say he folded mostly. so im thinking he was up to maybe 13-14 blinds by then. but even then if you think.
    chan raises so 3x and mike 3bet and chan 4bet. at that point mike is all in right? idk

  25. Awfulsauce Says:

    how does he fold for an hour with such a small stack too wtf

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