Ron Paul Schools Tiny Tim Geithner at Financial Hearing-Better Audio

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  1. howtogetwell Says:

    @twilite142 And when the fed creates money, it is the same as stealing from the citizens who have to work for their money. When the fed creates money from thin air, it reduces the value of the citizens money and gives money to the fed and their financier cronies when they give ansoluting NOTHING for the money. We have been had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. JesseVenturaSeals Says:

    Ron Paul is my new hero.

  3. rhinnawi95 Says:

    Ron Paul looks young for his age. God bless him.
    I can’t wait until 1/21/13. I’ll be watching his inauguration address in 3D 🙂

  4. shaineandrahel Says:

    Paul asks about an international accord streamlining monetary policy around the world, and Geithner says, “I would be happy to talk to you about that privately or in another context.”
    Global currency is scary shit from where I sit. It concentrates power even further. Whew.

  5. MrSafetymeeting Says:

    It seems Timmy knows that Ron has growing support and he was being careful how he worded his replies. He kept trying to say he agreed with him.

  6. WoodlandRavah Says:

    “…Obviously with population increases, in congruence, there must be heightened control…”
    Your a psychologist, are’nt you? Only the insane would talk of populations and control, STFU, visit New Dehli sometime….

  7. WoodlandRavah Says:

    “Geithner is a little weasel who couldnt figure out how to use turbo tax.” – U
    LOL, his company’s program BTW…

  8. dikroxem Says:

    Monetary policy was too loose, too long, around the world? Is the world following the example of the USA? If they are, we are all doomed.
    Geitner admits, countries who copied our policy made their policy too loose. What an idiot, then our (US) policy is TOO LOOSE, also!? He is covering his own and his buddies bubble butts which are now shining clearly around the world! The system does not work, too few become too rich, too fast. They are thieves of humanity, Gaia will send them the bill.

  9. Amakisongs Says:

    Geithner is a little weasel who couldnt figure out how to use turbo tax. Putting him in such a position shows how green Obama really is. White guilt is one of the most powerful forces in american politics.

  10. BeholdZeus Says:

    Yes, that’s right the other countries were entirely IDIOTIC to peg their economies to the dollar and once the real extent of this crisis becomes known it will NEVER happen again. In any event, the entire world system needs to change to a 1 to 1 ration with gold and silver reserves. That would bankrupt the US and perhaps even Europe but if it is the cost of a true and equitable banking system, then so damn well be it. People have been shafted by these people for too long. Resistance is all.

  11. jojomcbean Says:

    @Cronominite1 jeez talk about forum diarreah… what’s your question to me? (20 words or less please)

  12. pikeasaurusrex Says:

    You can see the fear in Tiny Timothy Geithner’s eyes!

  13. Cronominite1 Says:

    @jojomcbean nearly as easy as you portray it to be in words. Millions HAD a job and lost it & im not talkin at Mcdonalds, im talking REAL jobs in this country. I am not assaulting your ideals or premonitions towards this subject but humbly ask you to think more logically and thoroughly before funneling down to a primitive absolution to a problem in which you are clearly not excelled in, or are, without explaining in firm detail your reasoning, accurate or not, in your defense. take care friend.

  14. Cronominite1 Says:

    @jojomcbean its no form of crazy talk or conspiracy theory, it is a reality. Obviously with population increases, in congruence, there must be heightened control. Its basic economic mechanics. Do the math & homework on this…& you are incorrect. 1- i am not advocating anarchy. it was the most acute term i could use in the sense. 2- mass amounts of this anarchy are called “revolutions” in which our history has been doomed to repeat over and over. Sorry to say, “getting a job” for millions is not

  15. Cronominite1 Says:

    @jojomcbean i know this is a very late response to your comment, but its been months since ive checked my notices so ill respond back….actually i am fortunate to know many people on the hill, and i am correct. That alternative is a constant living and feared threat to big government, hence the abominable acts and black flag operations to install increased forms of suppression and local and state laws eliminating more and more freedoms every year to prevent masses of national dissentary.

  16. taipei0791 Says:

    BTW who creates and provides the money/debt at low interest rates to loan out to people that create these bubbles in the first place. Who has the power to enact monetary policy? Ding Ding you got it the Federal Reserve. Main street gets poorer, big bankers get richer.

  17. sfiorare Says:

    the title of this video isn’t nearly accurate

    ‘the nut case’s time has expired’ would fit much better

  18. canisdormit Says:

    @sfiorare and yet he is infinitely more intelligent then you, hahaha!

  19. canisdormit Says:

    don’t audit or nationalize the fed, kill every single person who has ever worked for it.


    If most Americans knew what the Federal Reserve System really is, there would be a revolution. Fractional reserve banking should be outlawed throughout the world, and all currency should be issued by a government which is responsible to all its people, totally transparent & lawful. End the Fed, end the debt.

  21. KraussHelmut Says:

    Geithner didn’t get ‘schooled’, he spoke economic sense. If anything Mr. Paul got a bit confused and frankly the man speaks like a simple minded politician. It seems Geithner and the FED did what they could to reign in the credit crunch.

  22. drumminghunter Says:

    @twilite142 that is so correct…more TRUE AMERICANS need to realize that before it is too late!

  23. MrMrhead420 Says:

    Where’s the rest of the world at? If they start call’n us out and askn for the reserve to be audited, wouldn’t that help our chance of being able to expose the reserve?

  24. sfiorare Says:

    the mises institute is nothing but political propaganda

  25. marxbitesall Says:

    What a bald-faced LIAR!!!!

    Only AFTER KILLING our Second BankUS did Jackson pay off the debt first and last time in all history. The recessions in the 1800’s were ALL because of govt & bankster corporate state (MICC) interventionism.

    Goto mises “dot” org and get the real deal on American economic history. 7 TBs of FREE TRUTHFUL online publishing: videos, audio, books incl OOP, audiobooks, mp3s, whole college level history economics courses, free.

    Rockefeller and ZBig = freedoms enemy

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