Ron Paul Predicted The Collapse In 2003 – Morning Joe 5/15/2009

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  1. cliffy827 Says:

    The ones that complained about not enough regulations were the ones that stymied the Republicans from putting IN more regulations on Fannie and Freddie Mac.

  2. saxrider Says:

    they like him, but they still chuckle when he mentions cutting dept of education and dept of agriculture. (shakes head). they are amazed by his abilities, but then can’t fully accept the solution. Fine. Don’t cut those things now. Procrastinate. Nature will cut those things for us. Nature will cut across the board. Deep and hard.

  3. DriveByTroll Says:

    There’s a few other good ones too, but the loud ones tend to outnoise them.

  4. Zander689 Says:

    He is the only republican I actually respect. As far as the rest of them I cant stand them.

  5. tbed63 Says:

    “Can you believe his prediction in 2003?” Well why don’t you listen to him NOW? He just predicted the destruction of the dollar and they just brushed right over it. This is huge. We should be begging RP for information and listen to his advice. He’s proven. Obama has no track record of understanding our economy.

  6. mrsideshow Says:

    Send this video to your friends and family members

  7. eaglegarza Says:

    Ron Paul makes too much sense, he scares the average american. Don’t be average.

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