RON PAUL Interview on economics – part 1

Pin It The new world order dismantling of the US Constitution is financed by the central banks of the world, and the world’s largest corporations, multinational giants that have no particularly loyalty to any country, and are loyal only to the practise of accumulating profit. These corporations give their chosen and placed senators and congressmen in both the Democratic and Republican parties millions of dollars for their election campaigns. These senators and congressmen are the most radical and dangerous this country has ever had. They do everything they can to pass laws and regulations prohibited by our constitution, laws designed to destroy the independence and freedoms of the United States, to eliminate the rights of the citizens, and to convert the United States into a ruthless, persecuting tyranny. They lie constantly to deceive the people so they will go along with the laws and regulations they want to pass. Everyone in high positions in the government takes a solemn oath to uphold and obey the Constitution, but nearly all of them totally ignore the Constitution. The president issues executive orders that are totally unconstitutional, and Congress passes laws that the Constitution specifically forbids. Our God-given Constitution is the reason the United States has become the greatest country in the world, but it is being thoroughly undermined today by the Jesuits and neocons in government as they work to destroy the United States. The laws and regulations

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  1. pokeyugi13 Says:

    that is not capitalism that is coporatism
    Canada has capitalism England does Germany does USA has corporatism

  2. xMaXiMuSx Says:

    Ron is funded by the regular joes for the most part.. HE got some money from business people but NONE from big special interest groups like wall street and ETC..

  3. toknow07 Says:


  4. TopSideUp Says:

    I really like the interviewer, i think he does a great job

  5. arzoyan Says:

    Capitalism is the wage slavery of immense humanity in a politically manipulated,tyrannical market mechanism of artificial scarcity to perpetuate poverty and exploitation in the interest of the dominant RULING CLASS.

  6. heepy1 Says:

    Don’t forget Peter Schiff. Son of the economist Irwin Schiff. He’s also predicted the fall of the credit market. So vote him into the senate.

  7. KenMacMillan Says:

    Loosing the election won the first battle of the 2nd revolution.

  8. psychientology Says:

    Thank you Dr Paul.

  9. Surhotchaperchlorome Says:

    He lost. 😛

  10. GnomeEnthusiast Says:

    *searches for WCW videos*

    *gets Ron Paul videos*

    Fucking Hell.

  11. herbs814 Says:

    “I think the public school system, the more the government has taken over it, the worse the education has gotten.”

    This alone proves that Ron Paul is more intelligent than any other “public servant”.

    We must break the stranglehold of government and teachers’ unions on education. We must get the federal government out of the indoctrination business. We must have school choice (tax credit vouchers at least, if not the abolition of property taxes). Free schools – free minds – prosperous people

  12. clthinkingman Says:

    Ron Paul rock on man… rock on:-)

  13. hargitai70 Says:

    The purpose of goverment is internal/ external security and making sure the economy runs fairly and smoothly. It’s that simple. Ron Paul owns the other candidates on this topic.

  14. chewbaca1989 Says:

    It’s obvious Dr. Paul is right, comment was in jest.

  15. bajoverga Says:

    You obviously have no understanding of basic economics or the purpose of government. You are a sheep.

  16. vinaytelugu Says:

    OMG!!! Ron Paul’s knowledge and understanding of issues are outstanding. In fact, at 8:04, he actually predicts the fall of the credit markets which will then kick in a revamp of the monetary policy.

    Isn’t this EXACTLY what we are seeing now?

    He’s the only guy who completely understands what he is talking about…be it economics, foreign affairs or internal affairs.

    If it was a toss up between Obama and Ron Paul, I would have surely gone for Ron.

  17. KenMacMillan Says:

    All Ron Paul supporters need to take a class in Austrian free markets and then should run for political office. We need numbers to make a difference!

  18. beancube2008 Says:

    Why money? Gold is the same shit actually. You get it, you lose it. You lost it and you want to get it back. It doesn’t unify the accessibility of our clothing, food, shelter, mobility. It freeze, not free, them. Possessions of a few are always out number necessities of the majority. The more possessions one manages, the more dangerously he lives among the others who crave for it. Why should we keep rebuilding that scheme?

  19. McOldCrazyGuy Says:

    jorgi, it’s you and idiots like nurbSoldier that are so clueless and ignorant. Why I’d bet you both even call yourselves Christians, you’re such blithering ignorant fools.

  20. sooldanbar Says:

    lol Do you live in the swamp or something?

  21. jorgipogi Says:


  22. nurbSoldier Says:

    Your’e an idiot.

  23. LiquidSmooth Says:

    The people that run the media, are the same ones that own the democrat and republican parties and are the same ones with close ties to the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve.

    So naturally they use the media to manipulate how people see reality, through TV shows, movies, cartoons, and news.

    The primaries in the democrat and republican parties get fixed constantly. I see signs in yard with Ron Paul on them for years. No one even knows who McCain and Obama was, yet they get chosen. hmmmm

  24. chewbaca1989 Says:

    Their goes ol’ loony Ron Paul with his racist rants and antiquated thinking of the Constitution. The wild bushman from Texas! Man is he craaazy!

    Revolution baby!

  25. mkabbz Says:

    it’s an amazing expression of ignorance that republicans chose Mccain over Paul.

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