Ron Paul: Dollar Collapse Will Bring Down US Empire

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Sign the Ron Paul 2012 Petition at Please like, share, subscribe & comment! http 02/08/2011 Ron Paul exposes the Fed’s destructive monetary policy and talks about tomorrow’s hearing entitled “Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?” — Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, a return to sound monetary policies, and a sensible foreign policy that puts America first. For more information visit the following websites: http http http http

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  1. ENJOYtheLITTLthings Says:

    There is a money bomb for Dr. Ron Paul at 12am Eastern Feb 21st, please donate if you can! Anything helps!

    libertypac . com

  2. ballsackonmanning Says:

    Ron Paul would be a great president. He has stood with the same positions and fought for the cause of liberty for over 20 years. To the guy that said Donald Trump could fix the U.S. economy or be a good president or whatever, what the fuck are you smoking?

  3. jc44848 Says:

    @MelkorHimself If you live in the usa and dont realise your country is…………. just one big evil corporation,
    then wakey wakey !! Some can run a buisiness but some cant run the world! EVIL EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SavoringStorms Says:

    @bwild61 He is a fucking clueless asshole

  5. MelkorHimself Says:

    As much as I like Ron Paul, the one person who would bring this country’s finances in order is Donald Trump. He can run this country like a business, which is how it needs to be run at the moment.

  6. wijse Says:

    American Third Position Party. Visit their homepage at american3p . org

  7. hazeee123 Says:

    @Takiado Check his voting record for the past 30 years. Better yet check his speeches from back then and today, they are virtual the same and voting record matches it!

    Never votes for more taxes, never votes for more spending, never votes for more government. Ever. No a single vote.

  8. Lincolnlawman Says:

    He is the best candidate for President to challenge Obama. Don’t sweat the media and GOP opinion, he’s stood up against opposition since he entered Congress in the 70’s. His base is growing as more people see what’s really happening in our nation, and see the truth that Dr. Paul has advocated all these years.

  9. andrewquigley18 Says:

    the heads of the feds should be hanged

  10. TheSeaMyst Says:

    The truth is this someone with no money is not taken serious at all he is the low ball man or the last player to get a chance to hit the ball because he has no cash flow your all talking about a system that’s so far over stressed so far under the oily water that nothing could resuscitate it! When the lights go out you finally see that the company you did business with where all criminals and sorry Ron paul is no different! ‘So sad I see his true colors now!

  11. pistol987 Says:

    i give him 2 months in power!

  12. RMT87 Says:

    @Takiado search ‘ron paul 1988’ and you’ll find videos where he says the same things as today

  13. Takiado Says:

    this guy sounds too much on the ‘people’s’ side to be real… if he is 100 percent legit, Then I’m voting for this guy! theres no way to tell if a politician is lying until they screw us over, but I’m taking my chances with Ron Paul I guess : (I dont usually vote for these corrupt parties, but the rest of the country loves to play their game, so I might as well try to shift it as much as possible towards Ron Paul getting president if he chooses to run)

  14. luxuryglow Says:

    PRESIDENT RON PAUL!!!!!! 2012!!!!!

  15. PastorDowell Says:

    Sounds like Ron Paul is begining to flip flopping!

  16. dave777blaster Says:

    IMF this week announced the dollar will no longer be the Hegemonic money supply of the world. expect 50% to 70% less purchasing power
    a terrible time is about to happen very very soon.
    at least until the NAU is established and the Canadian laws rules and codes are implemented.

  17. goatshredder Says:

    I love that man

  18. fromthelandofozz Says:

    and all the kings horse’s and all the kings men, couldn’t put the bubble back together again

  19. bestkeylar Says:

    @nhbgracie Right on! 49.99% of the people around you are “Below Average”

  20. nhbgracie Says:

    you people are absolutely keep talking about how our gov’t is ruining our country and yet, you keep voting for same idiots that have ruined this country in the first place. folks, we are getting what we asked for…. the reason why ron paul can’t become the president says everything about the current status of this country… stupid people vote for stupid people….bullcrap partisan politics have totally ruined this country. where’s common sense??? enough said…

  21. OnELovEBEliEvE Says:

    He’s only republican because He knows no one will take him serious as libertarian .

  22. theropingeffect Says:

    Three people crapped their pants watching this video.

  23. Aerospaztic Says:

    @bkdmd Probably. They use the plane crash assassination methods a lot. Like in the case of Omar Torrijos and Jaime Roldós Aguilera.

  24. bkdmd Says:


    Didn’t they try to get him by crashing his plane not that long ago?

  25. bkdmd Says:


    What did I say that was off?

    People can’t handle hearing the fact the government isn’t on your side.

    They have devalued our currency by 98% since 1913 and by 85% since 1971. Look at the CPI calculator on the website.

    THey are constantly changing the way they figure inflation so they can pay lower benefits to SS recipients. If they figured it the way they did when Carter was Pres. the benefits would be paying 710% more.

    Where am I being a kook?

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