Ron Paul Discusses Financial Turmoil and the Fed 9/18/08

Pin It Congressman Ron Paul issued a video message on his website on September 18, 2008 to discuss the Fed and the financial meltdown.

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  1. kissmytwinkys Says:

    YAYYYYY Ron Paul….

  2. KingDT2007 Says:

    Ran paul is a fuckin ass clown period

  3. JoseyWhales09 Says:

    It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
    Henry Ford

    Call your states senator and congressman.Ask them to audit the FED by supporting the following bills.

    In congress Ron Pauls-HR 1207
    In the senate Bernie sanders S-604

    Call & tell them know how you feel about the war, torture,nafta,the patriot act etc.

  4. italstal07 Says:

    if we own freddie and fannie, I want my dividend in silver, because paper dollars are worth about .03 cents..and now!!

  5. sugarpuddin88 Says:

    We are at the non-sustainability point of Democracy!

    Pattern that put the banking Mafia in Charge: Community Reinf Act, its enhancement in 95 under Clinton; ending the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act; Sarbanes-Oxley Act of July 2002; lifting of leveraging rules; TARP; elimination of the Uptict Rules; FED now rules commodity market = electronic counterfeiting of commodities (ending of 5th Amnd constitution of title):

    Counterfeiting of securities is the new drug!

  6. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    What do you mean ?
    Im sorry it has been a while since I have been on this video, so could u please tell me what specifically you wanted to know ?
    I will be happy to answer any questions u have 🙂

  7. mike30091 Says:


  8. XxmirjanaxX Says:

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  9. jinjin16 Says:


  10. anima13 Says:

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  11. cookimonstizzle Says:

    I don’t know- Baldwin is all right on some things, but his religious beliefs and what stems from it… eh not so much.

  12. cookimonstizzle Says:

    How does Paul hate Nader? They appeared together on CNN and Paul said he wouldn’t vote for Nader, but he will try to get him as many votes as possible.

    I think Barr is the worst of the 3rd party candidates. Nader’s best.

  13. cookimonstizzle Says:

    Well I was and still am a huge Ron Paul fan, and worked as a petitioner on the Nader campaign. Will be voting for Nader on November 4th.

  14. volumptuous Says:

    Dunno, because I read and think?

  15. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    think what ya want kid

    but this “argument” ends here …

    you can keep writing bullshit to show the world how stupid you really are.
    But as for me, this is my last reply to the biggest dipshit that I have met on youtube..
    Have a good live you good-for-nothing piece of shit.

  16. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    don’t wanna …
    your not worth the time …

  17. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    Lets see …
    Because I don’t exactly see him as worthy …

    That is all there is to it really.

    Anything else pointless that you want to ask ?

  18. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    Oh and please don’t call me a racist …
    I am VERY tolerant.
    I don’t give a shit if your brown, yellow, green, gay, etc.
    I think we all float on the same boat.
    No need to hate each other for minor differences.

    I only hate shitty personalities. That is the ONLY thing I might be “racist” against.

    Other then that I just wanted to say sorry.
    I over reacted, but you have to admit that the USA is NOT the only single world power there is.
    If you want to think otherwise thats fine with me, I dont care

  19. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    wtf ?
    NO I am NOT!
    I just think that all the other candidates this year aren’t worth the dirt they stand on …
    Oh and actually I am more of a democrat …
    Its just that both choices for this year aren’t worth shit.

    McCain is gonna die 2 weeks into office, and we are gonna be left with that fucking airhead bitch that he chose as Vice President.

    And UNFORTUNATELY i believe that Obama is gonna get shot 2 weeks into office …
    but at least he chose a good Vice President

  20. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    Yeah yeah peopleasylum
    You go fuck yourself too you inbred, cousin-fucking piece of shit

  21. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    Everyone else 😉
    Besides, history has shown that Germany doesn’t need the biggest export to be a major power in Europe.

  22. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    Yeah Yeah …
    We all know their plan.
    Create a worldwide panic, promise the healing, and take over …
    I was talking on USA on my last comment.
    NWO is a whole other matter entirely …

    Oh yeah, very mature calling someone a retard.
    Mommy must be proud of you, you fucking prick.

  23. valkiej Says:

    IDIOT! Who is going to BUY germany’s export?

  24. CrimsonBlade170388 Says:

    If America is finished the world is finished ??
    What fucking planet are you from lmao xD
    All countries in europe, etc. sustain themselves perfectly fine.
    America is the biggest IMPORTER in the wold. NOT Exporter. (Germany=biggest exporter)
    The only thing this country exports are weapons …
    So if this country goes down, nobody will really give a rats ass since its not going to do too much damage.
    Acting like end of America is the end of the world LMAO xD
    You gonna have a rude awakening

  25. ethogenic Says:

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