Robert Reich goes to Occupy Wallstreet

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Robert Reich was Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary, a right hand man who turned around our economy from Bush Sr recession which started in 1992. The pain and suffering in those times was there, but the right people took the ship out of troubled waters and got it done and made America proud.

His record is outstanding. As I remember he doubled the GDP and lowered the unemployment rates to almost lowest levels in the country. He is a world reputed economist whose relevance in this economy cannot be ignored. Wisdom does not come easy nor it is found on every street corner. I wish he was again our Labor Secretary and turned the ship for us. Experience always counts in this business. Last three years have been the worst for most Americans and out of that frustrations and sordid economy broke out the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Here he goes to Occupy wall Street in San Francisco, and talks few facts about the economy. Take a listen here.

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