Robert Kiyosaki talks about Financial IQ

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This is a snippet of what Robert Kiyosaki was teaching at a symposium, interesting stuff. For anyone interested you really should go and read that book called ‘Finanical IQ)

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  1. ExpandYourBiz Says:

    Thanks for posting this video, great post. Robert’s genius is in taking a complex subject and presenting it simply. The method is not for everyone, but he puts it out there for those that might be interested. Cheers!

  2. randomIy Says:

    The only thing he is, is a crafty schemer. In one of his booklets he claims he started researching into network marketing in 1994 after getting rich from his wallet company. The truth? His wallet company became bankrupt and he started in networking marketing (aka pyramid schemes) in 1980’s. Want to know another funny lie? Kiyosaki has been pressing that Rich Dad was a real person in order to keep his book in non-fiction. Then in 2003, he gave up and compared Rich Dad to harry potter!

  3. MegaAvalonn Says:

    An example of using a house as an asset is to pay a huge down payment into the house, say about half, then you’re only paying half the mortgage per month. Then you charge the regular mortgage +10-20%. Another idea is to buy a house for yourself, but have it split into a duplex, where you charge rent on the other half. Finally, you can just use the stock market for real estate. Determine what developer companies primarily build in cities where the market prices always seem to raise.

  4. knowthe3Ms Says:

    started reading his books when I was still in grade school and Kiyosaki inspired me to get involved in a program that is changing my life. See my channel for details.

  5. knowthe3Ms Says:

    good stuff

  6. dddreamchaserrr Says:

    @3rdEyeSpeaks the answer is yes and no… Asset is defined more to whether it will bring in money or cost you money. It can be a product, information or a book.

    a house can be an asset but only when its positively geared and making money after all expenses.

    Many people rent out a house but still have put more money in to cover the difference in the loan repayment and income from rent. Many accountant will classify that as a loss and then claim it on tax deductions.

  7. 3rdEyeSpeaks Says:

    so an asset is always something that can be sold? is it always a product or service? the house could be rented or sold.

  8. 89Bossi Says:

    xie xie

  9. voleyballforlife Says:

    Brilliant man

  10. dddreamchaserrr Says:

    @TheBrotherMouzone yeah, i will give it a go sometime in the next couple of days.

  11. dddreamchaserrr Says:

    @Lingerfoot sorry for late reply, I will try upload full video in two parts. this was from the success mag symposium over a year ago. it came with the mag, has some great stuff in it. Its a mag worth subscribing to.

  12. TheBrotherMouzone Says:

    @dddreamchaserrr Yes, I mean if you already have the whole thing, maybe you can upload it in two parts? Probably easiest right?

  13. dddreamchaserrr Says:

    @TheBrotherMouzone, this video was from the success symposium magazine. You can try and ask them for a copy or I will try and upload in two parts. Its got some great stuff in it

  14. TheBrotherMouzone Says:

    Where can I find (or buy) the whole video??

  15. rhoieyee Says:

    mike you got it wrong.. it’s just that people who build more until PHD tends to stay on it since they have earn those over some period of time, so chances are they end up working for somebody who is almost all instance that somebody was once upon a time a school drop-out and an academic failure.. its a proven fact right?

  16. lslinger Says:

    wow only 7000 people have seen this video, poor people 🙁

  17. dddreamchaserrr Says:

    knowledge is not power; applied knowledge with clear vision and direction is power. Thats what all these people can help you with.

  18. Trumpcard3230 Says:

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  19. JTMarlin8 Says:

    LOL is your name really Mike Raper? No wonder you’re poor.

  20. dddreamchaserrr Says:

    Were you even listening to the video????

    its about understanding finance and cashflow, it didn’t indicate that you have to be bad at school to be rich. It talks about being educated to understand business and cashflow.

  21. mikeraper1 Says:

    people who have been very bad at school & stuff become rich and who did well at school become poor ??????????’

  22. 2submit Says:

    @Lingerfoot i dont know sorry i guest search their sites

  23. Lingerfoot Says:

    Where can I buy this on dvd? Robert Kiyosaki = awesome!

  24. packleader87 Says:

    I love that suit.

  25. josoriop85 Says:

    I want to be very rich

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