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  1. reviews101200 Says:

    So wat does ping mean?

  2. jollyrancherz098 Says:

    @suissette09 lol he says he speaks his mind because he’s “bold”

  3. jollyrancherz098 Says:

    @suissette09 he says he speaks his mind because hes “bold” lol

  4. YYOUTUB33 Says:

    iphone is the way to go budddy

  5. razzaphere Says:

    3:16pm – 6:02 havin a bbm convo thats a song nice one 🙂 catchy song 🙂

  6. suissette09 Says:


  7. luis1994melendez31 Says:

    my mom has this as her call tone and she didnt even know..soo when i told her…she was like OMG lol but i love the song…when i call her i be dancing lol

  8. pixiestixluv007 Says:

    the background music is basically the same as dynamite


  9. hicorina101 Says:

    my call tune just changed to this song so i decided to look it up & I LOVE IT<3
    t-mobile seems to always pick songs i like(:

  10. 123123gracegrace Says:

    Oh my godddd!!! this is an awesome songgggg:) haha im like obsessed. Anybody agree? haha 🙂

  11. baydaman Says:


  12. Qtr5229009 Says:

    @m3oDy123456789 ههههههههههه اي والله

  13. TheNonixp Says:

    cool song love it

  14. m3oDy123456789 Says:

    هههههههههههآأآأي آأقطبو التوقيت بالمحدثه من الساعه 3 بالليل لين خمس <<كفشتووو بس آأهنيكم جيدهآأآأآأ

  15. AtzeNiklas Says:

    @LostStyLeZz bei google übersetzer übersetzt er es als ping . 😀 .. und bei leo als klingeln oder pfeifen .. naja ist ja auch egal 😀

  16. LostStyLeZz Says:

    @AtzeNiklas gibs in den google Übersetzer ein oder geh auf leo.org

  17. AtzeNiklas Says:

    What does ‘Ping’ in german mean ?

  18. Ranoo0 Says:


  19. q8m302 Says:


  20. marcohoffi Says:

    lol he write so slow look up …3.26 PM 1 second later 3.30 PM xD

  21. 7Entertainer7 Says:

    69 say that to britney but britney don’t “ping” him. xD

  22. BHoney211 Says:

    @ROCKELLEE both Nigerian 😀

  23. jkissinger2 Says:

    Like this if MyYearbook brought you here.

  24. swimgirl513 Says:

    ahhh, see, my ex said he produced this song.

  25. 3sAbabii3PsHyCo Says:

    iii FuKn L0Ve DiiZ S0nG

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