Rid Your Home of Poisonous Gas with a Radon Gas Detector

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There’s a monster lurking in every home. You can’t see it or feel it. It is the cause of twenty one thousand deaths each year in the US from lung cancer. That bogeyman’s name is radon and it’ could attack you next. radon gas test


You cannot detect radon because it is odorless and invisible. This shouldn’t be an excuse to pretend it’s not there. The US Surgeon General said radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the United States – second only to smoking in fact. The combination of smoking and detectable radon levels inside your home put you at a higher risk for lung cancer. radon gas detector


There is radon found in the entire country. The problem with radon is that it can be in any building and is not easily detectable. The EPA claims that people get their greatest exposure in their homes, where most of their time is spent. radon test kits


Where is the origin of radon? In the breakdown of uranium in the soil, rocks and water is radioactive gas, this is called a byproduct. It will move from the ground, into the air, then invade your house by getting in the cracks and holes in it.


Radon is toxic to everyone, and one in fifteen homes in the United States has elevated radon levels. This type of gas can be found in both old and new homes, regardless of whether or not there is a basement – the gas is deadly. The problem is not limited to homes and can occur in government buildings and places of business.


The “pCi/L” or “Pico curies per liter of air” measures how much radon is in the air.A radon level of 4pCi/l or above is a problem If not, don’t think you’re safe since this amount still poses a risk.


“The average indoor radon level is estimated to be about 1.Approximately 0 and 3 pCi/L.What you find normally in the outside air is 4pCi/L of radon. There has been a long term goal set by the US Congress to maintain indoor radon levels at a level the same or lower than those outdoors. While this goal is not yet technologically achievable in all cases, most homes today can be reduced to 2 pCi/L or below,” the EPA said.


A radon gas detector is the only reliable way to determine if you have an unacceptable level or radon in you home. All areas below the third floor should undergo this procedure, according to the EPA and the Surgeon General. For this purpose, however, you really don’t have to spend too much. Evidence of radon gas can easily be done in HomeRadonTest.com.com where you’ll find a variety of tests such as the Radon Water Detection Kit and the Granite Counter Top Radon Detection Kit.


You should pick a radon gas monitor using help from an expert like Dr Don. {At HomeRadonTest.}Trust us to ensure your family’s health with our top notch radon gas testing method.

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