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  1. Depsypher Says:

    This guy stands with everything that caused the bank crisis… the banks! He stands for the rich elitists who made billions shoveling shit to stupid investors who just wanted to have a nice retirement. Hell he’s standing on the floor of an exchange!

    Whenever the little guy gets screwed, the rich start talking about class warfare. That’s because, if the people woke up and realized that trickle-down economics, union busting and outsourcing make the rich richer, they’d start coming for them!

  2. string22 Says:

    The trader to the left of rick is a legend!

  3. string22 Says:

    1:21, ” Mortages are a moral hazard “, very interesting, don’t know if this has been commented on already. So, no mortage, people just pay the upfront price for the house, the market will be forced to think what can I afford, prices won’t be artificially bidded up. Home builders would compete on how cost-efficient they can build the house because their profit won’t be as high, but would they just build really cheap crappy homes, no, because market competition would mean customers shop for value.

  4. LookingAtYouFool Says:


    Especially the Tea Party movement? You have that backwards. You’re confusing calls for smaller government and fiscal responsibility with greed.

    The economy was built on multiple bubbles. It won’t return to those heights anytime soon. That means tax revenues are going to be less going forward. We were already spending more than we took in so the government has to get smaller because it is on an unsustainable path.

    Raising taxes on the rich isn’t a big enough solution in itself.

  5. LookingAtYouFool Says:

    If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find someone else originally registered the ChicagoTeaParty domain in 2004. That registration expired on 2/25/07. Oh, my! This conspiracy is even deeper than you thought!

  6. LookingAtYouFool Says:

    If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find someone else originally registered the ChicagoTeaParty domain in 2004. That registration expired on 2/25/07. Oh, my! This conspiracy is even deeper than you thought!

  7. LookingAtYouFool Says:

    I looked for evidence of what you said about the domain and didn’t see anything other than conjecture that showed a connection between the domain holder and Koch. BTW, if this was part of some master plan, why is it the content of the domain never consisted of anything more than the GoDaddy placeholder page?

  8. LookingAtYouFool Says:

    Most members of the Tea Party did not support TARP. Some Republicans lost their seats in the mid-term elections because they voted for it.

    When Santelli speaks of the “government promoting bad behavior,” that includes bailing out the bankers (100 cents on the dollar) after they wrecked the system. His rant came after TARP, after the stimulus, after the bailout of Chrysler and GM.

    The left and right have both worked hard to discredit the movement b/c they benefit from the status quo

  9. fasteddie847 Says:

    Rick Santelli is about the only sensible person CNBC has

  10. ConservativeLogic Says:

    This started it all and I happened to see this live. I applaud you.
    It was not palin.
    It was not RP
    It was a fed up commodities trader reporter with some balls to point out the absurdity of “bailouts”. All you fools talking shit about this guy do not understand the commodity market. Everyday farmers and producers use options to guarantee their crop yields. When Bush and Bama “bailed out” Wall Street they sold out to greedy unions and financial gamblers. Bond holders got the shaft.

  11. oldstyleliberal Says:

    It’s a shame the tea party morphed into a socially conservative movement.

    Capitalists don’t care if there are gays in the military or if a dude wants to marry a dude, or if a chick wants to marry a chick.

  12. prodigee411 Says:

    @PainesRight Shut up man, you’re a fucking loser and if this country goes under, you’ll be hiding in your basement, because you’re not making a difference and/or you’re fuckin broke.

  13. drnantz Says:

    You are losing the country you greasy liberals

  14. camshanks Says:

    vomit inducing
    Tea Party cunts

  15. snowcloud Says:

    @Misunderstood246 The facts don’t support that.

  16. crunterstamps Says:

    These City Trader Cock-Suckers were Bailed out when they should have been Jailed,The Cunts

  17. kinskino Says:

    My mom does better rants than that. Daily.

  18. Misunderstood246 Says:

    Stupid right wingers.. Who crashed the economy? The Republicans…

  19. Darcsied27 Says:

    Fuck Wall Street!!!

  20. pjamesbda Says:

    Traders: People who have come to the gaming tables instead of producing something, cannot grasp average working people who want to better their lives if an “opportunity” were offered to them. Yet they will herald any trade that perpetuates their wealth as a success, no matter how much it pollutes, imprisons, or send jobs overseas. They are leachs claiming to “earn” their living moving millions to whichever horse is currently “winning”. We are sickened to economic collapse because of it. Thanks.

  21. caseroj6020 Says:

    I agree with with fr6313. The Republicans and especially the Tea Party movement are motivated by greed and the biggest hypocrites you can ever imagine. It was my tax payer dollars that bailed out the financial system and rescued these traders life savings. If we are going to save the wealthiest Americans then something has to be done to help the ordinary Americans. It is a simple matter of fairness.

  22. TNation98 Says:



  23. GBVrallyCI Says:

    @gts1014 you libtards will never get it, will you?

  24. gwgn02 Says:

    History of Democrat Racism just google it – history of democrat racism and see for yourself.

  25. gwgn02 Says:

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced and approved by a staggering majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Act was opposed by most southern Democrat senators, several of whom were proud segregationists. President Lyndon B. Johnson relied on Illinois Senator Everett Dirkson, the Republican leader to get the act passed and claim it for the Dims.

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