Rick Perry bumbles his way out of the Presidential debate

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By Carmen Ellis  Long


Rick Perry bumbles his way of of the debate

When people run for President voters expect them to be perfect. Rick Perry isn’t that kind of candidate. He is copy of George Bush who bumbled his way to two terms as President and left this nation in tatters. If history is any judge such people should be eliminated early on and should never make it to the White House. Those who can talk and communicate usually always win and the current President is a great example.

In the Presidential debate Rick perry stands there clueless unable to recall which there agencies  he should eliminate. He bumbles and misses like a skit on Saturday Night Live. His own debating rivals try to help and he still does not recovers from the moment. In the end its a sad and painful minute where he says “Sorry oops” and shuts up.

This isn’t the kind of performance voters would like to see. Its now a question if he can raise more money or he should just quit. I just wonder how this man ever made it to the Governors mansion. Mark McKinnon, an aide to his friend President George W. Bush, described the moment as the “human equivalent of shuttle Challenger.”. “It was a political death knell,” said Sara Taylor Fagen, a Republican strategist who has also advised President George Bush. At least George Bush used laugh and shrug and usually begged  his way out when he got stuck, but this guy wasn’t a moving at all.

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