Richard Falk: International Law and The Nature of Security

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In this Symposium on International Law and the Quest for Security, Professor Richard Falk discusses the origins of the modern state and the issue of sustaining internal order and security amid an international environment in which terrorists groups that are not territorial can inflict severe damage within sovereign states. Professor Falk also talks about issues of war and peace and the relationship between the world’s primary superpower and the United Nations in relation to the current Iraq/US conflict. Series: Voices [2/2003] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 7068]

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  1. tankerfa1 Says:

    well if you think this is bad watch my video

  2. 1888junkteam Says:

    excellent work!

  3. gelei Says:

    this is fascinating to see in retrospect, but have we learned anything of it?

  4. rocha333 Says:

    Switzerland breaks the law everday nobody does nothing. I have a friend who was arrested in Switzerland and he been in prison for months deprived of all his rights literally…. UNO, NATO, HIGH COURT etc have been contacted and nobody does nothing… he is really in trouble.. alone…I think Switzerland must have a very strong mafia…

  5. TriumVirateABAP Says:

    Is E V E R Y O N E respecting Treaties, and agreements.

    Are you prepared to stand by all that you say, and are you in conflict with other nations and peoples? KNOW what you do because if you are an outlaw in your own nation likely you certainly would be one elsewhere by your tendency NOT to know your Citizenship and where your country stands in the world Internationally.

    ALL have to obey the law even YOU

  6. Lyubomirr Says:

    A good step would be to graduate from a University in your country with a law degree and later on specialize in PIL (public international law, often referred as international law) when you are doing your master’s degree. Following that pattern you would have the secure option of practicing on national level if international law appears to be too hard to operate with. But if you are certain in your capabilities it is advisable to start with international law as Bachelor degree.

  7. 6itch Says:

    im 17 and i want to become one! whatever it is, it sounds pretty kick ass.

  8. ruchkey Says:

    i love richard falk!!!!!!

  9. saleha250 Says:

    How do you become an international lawyer?

  10. ireneq3 Says:

    i think its wonderful all of the things this señor says, i am irene from el salvador and i love to comment on everything

  11. Furthen Says:

    Centralized international law, that sounds nice.


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