Reverse Mortgages On Pension

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If you have no next of kin and are 62 years and above, you can avoid making early or frequent withdrawals from your pension fund by applying for reverse mortgage loans. These are loans under which you may receive the home equity of your property in one lump sum or in several monthly installments. Payment for your loan is deferred until you die, or the house is sold or you go off to a retirement home.

Your retirement pension fund could remain untouched

As opposed to real estate values which are constantly fluctuating and which in our present economic environment are prone to decreases rather than increases, your pension fund is money that is held in trust for you in a financial institution. It therefore gains monthly interest and will never de-valuate. Instead of making withdrawals from it, you should prefer to use your other resources whose appreciation is a thing that is not sure. It therefore makes better sense to retain the pension fund in the bank.

Use retirement loans to avail of cash from your property

You can acquire the cash value of your home by selling it. But since that will mean that you won’t have a place to stay in, selling will not be a wise move. You should look to the possibility of loaning the house. But then the type of loan should not require you to remit monthly payments amounting to the principal plus the interest. The state of your finances, on retirement will probably not be able to withstand the amounts you need to pay in interest; and ordinary loans will just make things go from fair to bad.

Not just any retirement loan will do, acquire reverse mortgage loans

Reverse loan mortgages are the only way that you can enjoy the value of your house while still having the right to stay in it. The special considerations included in this type of loan are what make it available only upon retirement. Payments are deferred until one of three conditions should become true: (1) if the owner dies, (2) if the owner is moved to a home for the aged or (3) if the house is sold. By that time, you may start using your pension plan.

If you have no plans of making other people inherit your home anyway, it is best to use its value for your needs while on retirement and apply for a reverse loan mortgage. but you will need to do this while you are still able to move around and get places.

Have a confidant in the matter or keep strict secrecy

Look for some close friend whose sympathy and faithfulness you can count on. This type of person will be your only safe option for helping you go about secure the loan. The process of application and loan approval may require legwork and waiting; and to have someone to do the physical aspect of the job is a convenience you will need. 

If there is someone, not among your relations, of whose sympathy you are sure, approach that person for support in the matter of securing your reverse mortgage loan. You will need help to get around town in your age. But you can’t risk letting your relatives know of your plans. Hence the need for the confidant.

Alternatively, negotiate for a retirement loan arrangement with your relatives

The best scenario is for one of your blood relationships to be willing to provide for your needs – in return for eventual ownership of the house – in your old age. You could work out an agreement with them, a contract that is patterned after the way reverse loan mortgages are conducted. They won’t be adverse to that arrangement since the house goes to them eventually anyway. And it is only right that they should give your consideration for that.

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