REST REPORT MATTERS -Make Loan Modification your lenders idea.

Pin It – With Martin Andelman LINKS AT THE BOTTOM FOR ARTICLES SEEN IN THE VIDEO. Short REST REPORT PRESENTATION, on How and why the rest report will work for you. You Qualify, find out for what There is several other modifications the REST REPORT looks at not just HAMP. In addition it checks countless other options. Cap, Flex, Step Modification options to see wheather the investor would make more money modifying rather than foreclosing. Servicers make less modifying then they do foreclosing, but if the investor makes more by modifying servicers are suppose to modify the loan. It’s important to consider that without the REST Report, homeowners have nothing but their own personal information, nothing that establishes whether the investor would be better off modifying their loan. INSIDE CHASE THE PERFECT FORECLOSURE: HOW AND WHY TO USE THE REST REPORT: REST REPORT MATTERS BY MARTIN ANDELMAN:

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  1. convexity123 Says:

    I agree that 50-70% get denied after the trail phase. This is usually because they lied on their trial application or they never sent in the documents to quality for a permanent modification.

    In 2010, the only borrowers who don’t already have a 2% mortgage are either those who are creditworthy and have always paid their bills on time, or those who don’t pay their bills on time but who are too lazy to fill out the paperwork.

  2. restreportmatters Says:

    Convexity don’t feel bad for not knowing any different please. The media is great at doing just this type of thing. Take a look at what you said you mention there has been 1 million borrowers put in a “TRIAL PERIOD HAMP MOD”…. i do not disagree but the factual data is based on a permanent modification after the trial period phase. The fact is 50-60% get denied after the trial phase for reasons such as “NPV, the REST REPORT tells you WHY. Nothing else tells you WHY. Thank you

  3. convexity123 Says:

    What a Liar!!

    Over one million borrowers have gone into HAMP “Trial” Modifications. If your modification makes sense (HAMP or no HAMP), the bank will do some sort of modification. It is only when you’re in over your head, and have too much debt for your income, that the bank forecloses.

    Face it. You know whether or not you can afford your mortgage at 2% interest over 40 years. You don’t need a schmuck to tell you what you can afford!

  4. Loanerinsd Says:

    The REST report is your best resource for getting a loan mod. The report tells you and your bank that you qualify and what you qualify for. It is the same software the banks uses to approve or deny your application.
    The REST report sets you apart from other peeps who only send in info about themselves. The report tells your bank why it makes financial sense to modify your loan.
    I heard that the report stands up in court, so if your state requires your lender to mediate. you need REST report.

  5. Shadeknight Says:

    It’s about time something is going right for the homeowners! The whole incredibly long waiting game that all the slimy lenders make homeowners go through before they even process loan mod applications sent in is loathsome. My hope is, if there are any sharp, intelligent politicians left out there, they will rally behind this Report to speed things up. This Rest report can be the teeth that bite the banks and get them modifying US homeowners that need it! Why do the banks hand out modificatio

  6. Menik86 Says:

    Sounds like a good way to level the playing field

  7. cheelee85 Says:

    The rest report? Sounds like it might be something that can finally fix this mess! If Martin Andelman is behind it must be something worth taking a look at.

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