Rep. Alan Grayson Talks HC & Financial Reform w/ TYT

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  1. chiggerno19 Says:

    You passed the Credit Card Act to protect consumers. Instead, the interest rates on my credit cards doubled even though I had not been late for 10 years. The banks are now going to do away with free services such as free checking. When are you going to learn that the banks are smarter than Congress and will find ways around your Financial Rules and the consumer gets stuck with paying the tab? If this is the Dems answer for fighting for the little people, then STOP IT!! I can’t afford your HELP!!

  2. bcw324 Says:

    alan grayson is the republican mans democrat. in the sense that he fights like a republican with democratic views

  3. SgtSprayin Says:

    @hatfisc If Grayson is crazy, would you even have a word to call republicans?

  4. tickyul Says:

    I think that the fact is our creepy politicians are ignoring what is recognized as THE GENESIS OF THE FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, THE EXPLOSION OF THE HOUSING BUBBLE. All of that stinky paper that screwed up the financial markets would still be good if there was not a HUGE EXPLOSION OF THE HOUSING BUBBLE. Greedy Ameritards bought houses they could not afford and lots of other junk. Time to start at the beginning and liquidate Fannie and Freddie!

  5. yes4me Says:

    I thought it was a very emotional and good interview. love it 5/5

  6. hatfisc Says:

    Grayson is bat shit crazy. I wouldn’ t let him wash my car.

  7. barbcinque Says:

    We end up footing the bill everytime someone is dropped by their beloved and trusted insurance company, when someone without insurance ends up in the emergency room, when underinsured individuals need chemo..our taxes have to cover for them!!

  8. barbcinque Says:

    I would trust someone I elected to represent me over a greedy CEO who is getting rich off of massive premiums and whose only concern is making greater profits. I believe in democracy, I believe in electing people that can be held accountable to represent my interests.

  9. pbmdh Says:

    Well thank you so much for protesting when Bush was spending like nuts and starting wars that should have never began.

  10. likecrunchyness Says:

    I thought the very same thing….. hope its just my imagination.

  11. darkfirelights Says:

    Geitner IS cancer. He should never hold a position where he is in charge of money. He’s there to be a parrot to agree with whoever has power. He’s an idiot.

  12. 23456D Says:

    Weren’t they the ones who brought guns to the president’s speech?
    Tree of Liberty and all that?

  13. Sexymike86 Says:

    Grayson get the beard back!

  14. brkur Says:

    I just wanted to comment on how odd Grayson sounded near the end where he kept saying over and over that it doesn’t matter this way or that way about wall street ~ it only matters about doing good things for people. It seemed to me like he was trying to side step something there and my gut tells me it was more than just answering the question about Tim G. being with Obama administration. Grayson … new model huh? In his own words “We’ll see”.

  15. bf0988 Says:

    The right-wing way? Thats a little absurd to think that the right wing endorses a radical revolution, the tea party movement was very right wing and in no way radical, it was citizens standing up against their elected officials to say what they wanted. You can’t place a target on every conservative and label them radical b/c they see a growing deficit & this healthcare bill is only another burden & tax on the citizens to bail out the health insurance co. that have to meet these new regulations.

  16. TYTsoldier Says:

    How come they didn’t play the lion soundbite at the end of this video? 🙂

  17. tejpatel69 Says:

    Grayson is god

  18. aunicornist Says:


    That’s a fair postion. I think it’s a nuanced issue with no absolute clear answer.

  19. definemaybe Says:

    single payer private no-profit health care dare i say socilize Medicine we need health care from cradle to grave. England has it NHS !

  20. EscpdFrmPsykward Says:

    @aunicornist One could also argue that having a large gov is the best way to enhance and preserve freedom. Like healthcare and education.

  21. TheGiantRobot Says:

    Grayson is saying it doesn’t enable them to raise rates any more than before. Cenk didn’t agree with him on that point. Um.

  22. audadvnc Says:

    @DelusionalAngel – give him time. Grayson’s a freshman Congressman. He’s got a huge fan base, but not enough DC experience to know how to drive the ship of state. Maybe in 6 years…

  23. audadvnc Says:

    Alan Grayson is the best thing Congress has going these days.

    “How do we do this?” How about represent the constituents instead of the lobbyists? Keep up the pressure, Congressman!

  24. jxsilicon9 Says:

    What the fuck is with these new youtube comments?I’m writing off the fucking page.Damn google.

  25. dEdGrimley Says:

    If the insurance companies have any scruples, rates will go down. However, no one, even Republicans, believe that they do. The difference is whether you care or not.

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