Real Estate Investing Training Video Wholesale Deal Part 1

Pin It host Michael Jake shows how a wholesale house flip happens. A walk through of a typical REO, Bank Owned House, Estate House, tired rental property, and how the deal was Found, How it was Funded, and how the profit was made and how much! Learn more Colorado Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques at

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  1. cynthia1984ful Says:

    good advise

  2. ThePistolTingenTeam Says:

    Seller’s pay the agent’s commission. So the REO company already has that figured into their price. So if you can somehow circumvent the Realtor the REO company is just keeping that commission. In other words the seller keeps the profit, not you.

  3. AIMANALI Says:

    i am an investor….people listen to this guy …one of the few that is offering practical advise.

  4. ThatDifferentGuy Says:

    Thanks man, your videos really inspired me to invest in real estate rather then the stock market.

    I prefer to know where my moneys going. 😀

  5. Pyromaniac21 Says:

    So you can wholesale even if there’s an agent/realtor/broker involved? Doesn’t that cut in to your profits? And besides that, doesn’t that complicate negotiations?

  6. Pyromaniac21 Says:

    Question for submitter / director:

    2:39 … is that a basement?

  7. ZipBuyerdotcom Says:

    Wholesaling definitely keeps your hands clean in this business!

  8. MichaelJakeCoaching Says:

    Wholesaling requires no financing – not for the wholesaler – that’s the whole point – you sign up the deal and sell the deal to another who pays cash or provides financing. You get paid by selling the contract or double closing. You don’t need any money to do wholesaling. If wholesaling REO’s you will need earnest money deposits, but you will want to watch my video on wholesaling REO’s for the techniques.

  9. space10 Says:

    Hey MIke. I saw all your other videos, but I do have a question. What type of financing did you use when you first started out wholesaling? (assuming that it wasn’t all cash since you just started out)

  10. NadeauProductions Says:

    lol ugly is opportunity, i like that

  11. Bahuladh Says:

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  12. bobbydidgeNR Says:

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  13. DrewDownsManagement Says:

    Nice Vid. I enjoyed it. We market properties and other things on youtube, we hope to create a large network of people interested in making money. Your video gets a five star rating from us. I hope you feel the same about ours.

  14. manman2401 Says:

    nice vid

  15. georgelink1 Says:

    Audio is hard to hear, but the video is great – really helps me understand what a fixer upper looks like. Thanks!

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