Real Estate Downfall

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The Housing Bubble bursts on a speculator. Parody using a clip with Hitler as the real estate investor. He bought a house to flip, faces foreclosure, and now wants to get bailed out. Parody Fair Use of clip. See:

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  1. shortsalesriches Says:

    funniest Real Estate video of the year!!

  2. amanonthemarsz Says:

    Fuck Hitler !!!

  3. MNHomesNetwork Says:

    mnhomes.lefora. com

  4. mattt1ooo Says:

    BANK OF AMERICA IS THE MOST CORRUPT BANK IN THE COUNTRY!. Bank of America harassed me, ruined my credit, charged me over $800 in fees over a 10 day period, tried to humiliate me, and never stopped calling my house- all because of $50 overdraft!!
    In one day I was charged over $250 in overdraft fees because of a company that took advantage of my bank account- BofA charges more fees than any bank in the World!

  5. coolestdude80 Says:

    I want to go to Octoberfest but I dont want to pay $9 a beer…

  6. beerjames Says:

    Better one HA HA ahahaa so funny

  7. lafucil Says:

    Lehman and aig stock…bwahahaha!!!

  8. LatinoParaSiempre Says:

    haha even Hitler doesn’t take foreclosure very well.

  9. n8tivguitar Says:

    “i was just following orders what a sick comment but funny ass good vid.

  10. seanrockaway Says:

    He’s right. Why are we bailing out environmentally-insensitive, self-obsessed McMansioners obsessed with consumer goods. They should pay for it

  11. jimadamstv Says:

    Hey noneactive, are you in real estate? This is so funny because for us in the industry, we’ve seen this over and over, and now we know so many people that participated in exactly what the parody is about. It’s funny because it hits home on a personal and professional level.

  12. jimadamstv Says:

    This is freakin’ hilarious! LOL Thank you for giving me a laugh that will last a really long time. I’m sending this to all my friends and family.

  13. MASTERPPA Says:

    This is one of the best ones… The football and other ones, most people dont get.. everyone gets this one

  14. MagikalKraker Says:

    yeah I have to turn off the sound

  15. luxluceat Says:

    Well aren’t you fucking special.

  16. noneactive Says:

    i dont get why this one has the most views of hitler parodies, didnt really find this that funny. but its probably just me.

  17. misterlunatic Says:

    kinda sucks if you understand German. It’s virtually impossible to hear one thing and to read a complete other…

  18. asierra1492 Says:

    lol “growing economics is rewardless”. You wanna go back to the stone age, where do you think all the wealth came from. Your ass?

  19. aznkriss133 Says:

    he got he ss and the tvs and the xbox and mw 2 hahahha

  20. paydafee Says:

    this was the most intelligent downfall vid I have ever seen

  21. waynewofford Says:

    Bravo!!!!!! great video!

  22. DaWEaTHErMaNCaN91 Says:

    we’re at a point you cant even live long enough to pay off a house and cant even buy one on your own. Whats the point of going forward or even living if nothing is attainable, growing economics is rewardless
    for those who serve, those who enslave have a license to steal everything from everyone else
    Systems like this become purposeless & hopeless

  23. boneyfreak2004 Says:

    OH c’mon…everyone deserves a home, just ask Clinton…even someone working at Mc’D’s as a line person stating they make 75k should be able to get a 400k loan. Isn’t this Amerika?

  24. coolestdude80 Says:

    This is hilarious! I knew it was coming back in 04. I am one of those responsibe conservative people mentioned. Ha ha…

  25. ikou4mo Says:


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