Real Estate Bubbles and California’s Economic Growth, Part 3

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An economics presentation at Humboldt State University. Special guest lecturer Dr. Christopher Thornberg of Beacon Economics discusses the current housing bubble and its effects on California.

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  1. billjesusgates Says:

    2012!……..gun to the head…..goodbye world.

  2. NWOSupporter2012 Says:

    These are great video series for a high school student like me and others. I learn more on YT and books, then school.

  3. ndhierderf Says:

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    thanks for sharing good stuff man

  4. drunkenmonkeyrage Says:

    I got my undegrad in economics and finally something is posted which everyone should watch. Great video

  5. bajawind Says:

    all prices are falling, and will fall until the unemployment rate bottoms out. we have a LONG way to fall–except in canada according to my barber…sound familiar?

  6. papatoony Says:

    LOL it’s different in Saskatoon? Now I’ve heard it ALL! Watch the US market collapse…it’s your future.

  7. birddog866 Says:

    theres a pretty good Real Estate investing reading list at startinginvestor dott com.

    theres no short cut to succes in RE investing

  8. ourearthhome Says:

    It is not the value of the house that went up it is the value of the land. Houses do not appreciate but land value does. The economic profession would have us believe that the economics of land is no different than the economics of man made stuff. They say land is capital. The economics of land is completely different than the economics of capital. For example how does something not man made get its market value. Because land is left out of the discussion full understanding cannot be had.

  9. XcPromise Says:

    Think Toronto prices will drop?

  10. skrailfan Says:

    Great talk.

    Im from Saskatoon, SK, Canada and weve had 57% appreciation last year and forecasted to be 26% more this year. And everybody cant stop boasting about how much their home is worth, and people spending like crazy.

    People do see the storm clouds but they say its different here. People buying because they think they’ll be priced out forever.

    I have a feeling we are where you were in 2004-05. The ride down is not near as fun as the ride up. No subprime might ease the pain.

  11. drycanyon Says:

    Wow, this was from November 2006.

  12. FARTYPANTS30 Says:

    I believe the housing slump is far from over. The employment scene in the North Bay area is not cool at all. Thank God I live with my mom. I would have to move out of California if I were forced to find an apartment due to crazy prices (still) and the shortage of apartment housing. I hope real estate prices bounce back soon for some sign of positive growth. I’m a fresh college IT graduate was has been unemployed since January 2008 and I really need a job… Now it’s find full time work or bust.

  13. noraklagrangian Says:

    The Doc says real estate crashes take about 2-3 years to drop to real levels, but it may take longer than that.

  14. davidinla36 Says:

    Great speaker! Thanks for posting. I only wish the mainstream media interviewed economists like instead of the bull-heads who claimed that real estate would continue to climb at 10% a year.

  15. theip2002 Says:

    This is exactly what I have been predicting! How can a 3 bed 2 bath home in So. Cal that was worth $250,000 in 1996 be worth $900,000 in 2006?? It just doesnt add up! There has to be a major correction when a family of young professionals making well over $100,000 a year can’t afford to buy a home within 40 miles of thier job due to inflated home prices!!

  16. keesrijnja Says:

    Thank very much you for posting this teaching.
    I felt like being in the classroom of a very gifted teacher. Compliments.

    A great application of economic science on an actual situation like the present housing bubble and the build up. The lecture includes some humble (and highly appreciated, by me that is) remarks about the limitations of the economic science (of what this science is capable of and what it cannot do).

    I loved attending this class.

  17. therock2020 Says:

    when it starts rize

  18. Edo111567 Says:

    Not yet.

  19. guslingus Says:

    Spell….. SARCASM ……
    My Comment was to say that everyone will feel the results of this
    rise of the Mc Mansion on an average wage.

    Sitting on a house or flicking homes may make heaps of paper wealth
    but in the end all products must be payed for with WORK…
    That thing where you actually create something at the end of the day..
    Like the chinese do…

    Im in OZ and we are riding a Chinese minerals wave with USA creating
    the swell……… Yi haaaaa… I can see the beach from here……..

  20. getl0st Says:

    And the end game is to get everyone on the planet chipped with an RFID chip

  21. Sentinel4truth Says:

    Excellent speaker, great video! I just wish I had an inspiring teacher like this when I was in college (even though he was a guest speaker).

  22. therock2020 Says:

    buy buy buy

  23. uricehe4 Says:

    Uh, WRONG, it’ll take a while, but this thing’s eventually gonna have an ENORMOUS impact on the entire world economy, and no place more than Cali. you realize the number of jobs in the RE industry quadrupled in the last decade-most of those people will lose their lifeline. The borrowed money which financed America’s lifestyle the last 6 years–GONE. 08’s gonna be a terrible year economically b/c of this.

  24. bottleovodka Says:

    I think he was just being nice at the end. He’s knows it’s much worse than he’s saying.

  25. veggiedoc Says:

    what a great speaker!

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