Real Estate Agent Training with Tom Ferry

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Real Estate Agent Training In this short video, Tom Ferry challenges you to ask yourself what type of professional are you? One who brings life to the room or someone who is an energy sucking vampire? In order to be successful at whatever you do, you have to always be working on your likeability factor with people! How do you do that? Two things, among others: 1. Work on being more interested. #2 Become passionate and give back as you connect with people.

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  1. dotjenna Says:

    Very good!!! Great energy!!!

  2. VegasRealEstateBlog Says:

    Nice Video! Thx for Sharing.
    checkout ours when you get a chance…

  3. WillBinghamTV Says:


  4. mooersrealty Says:

    If you hustle, work hard and creative plus take more images, wider and crisper, more interesting. And you shoot, edit, render local community and real estate videos, and load the blogs posts, websites and social media with helpful links, boatloads of information, well that gets results and shows you know what you are doing. Less agent, broker because the real estate buyer wants time saving information, all of it.

  5. thedeathofchrispalko Says:

    this cocksucker is very energetic

  6. BusinessOnABudget Says:

    @BrianEZimmermanCom I like the vids good stuff

  7. BrianEZimmermanCom Says:

    Thanks Andy – If any agents are looking for 3-7 leads a day for free – RealEsateBusinessExplosion com I’ll give you a free video course. Tom your doing great with your online stuff

  8. Iampernicious1 Says:

    OMG it’s ANDY from “the Office”!

  9. TheLarryGeez Says:

    male cheerleaders unite!

  10. spectrum2000now Says:

    Interesting! You did a good job….

  11. michaelpoczynek Says:

    Thanks. Good job. All good points.

  12. spectrum0590 Says:

    This is great! I want to share ideas with this guy about real estate and investment.

  13. markmercurius3 Says:

    Come here you boring twat and I’ll show you what I can do to make people hate me more….

  14. SwissProsperity Says:


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  15. InteractivRealEstate Says:

    On a side note, I find it amazing how pessimistic people get about Mondays.

    At 7:21am this Monday I wrote on Facebook “HAPPY MONDAY WOOHOO!!!!” and my first response was “Booooo”…. Needless to say I replied “Poo on you”

    We all live on the same planet, we all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 365 in a year. What we do with our thoughts and actions in that time is what shapes our present. Labor is one thing, laboring is another…..

  16. InteractivRealEstate Says:

    Every school teacher needs extensive training in sales and study the books “How to Win Friends and Influence People” “Crucial Conversations” and “Influencer”.

    In Orange County there is a group called the InvestClub for Women and it’s by far the most energetic public club for business and investing I have ever seen, and the results show.

    Thank you for posting this video it’s very informational for all the people that are watching!

  17. Steventk26 Says:


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  18. stopmyforeclosure101 Says:

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  19. coonish28 Says:

    Well that stupid sunburn doesn’t make me like you any better. Sunburns are known to drain your energy and make a person babble on and on. You are sucking up the earths energy by staying out in the sun too much… or wasting our precious electrical resources by baking yourself to a crisp in a 200,000 watt tanning bed. Must of been a cheap tanning bed. You are superwell on your way to skin cancer. Having your face rot off from cancer might impact your likeability. And that is un-interesting.

  20. athomewithvalerie Says:

    Very good video! Love the talk about energy. I am an upbeat person, this video will keep it in my head today to remember to be on peoples “good energy feeling”. Thank you!

  21. seetimsell Says:

    We feel we’re very likeable!

  22. realcrates13 Says:

    Great ideas.

  23. tsantrock Says:

    Love the energy!

  24. mslivewell1 Says:

    Tom … Just stumbled across your video looking for Real Estate Trainers “Gurus” to interview. You are the Man I want. (That sounded kind of weird) But you get the idea. So it’s cool to share this video with others? I’m all over it. Will be contacting you soon.

  25. cdmentor Says:

    I enjoyed Toms video on likability in sales. He’s right, why deal with a blood sucking vampires when there are nice professionals out there. On the other hand my Mentor Max always said “that the salesman has rights in sales process”. why sell to tire kickers all day, work smart so you can profit asap. Thank you Tom
    Claude Diamond author of The GUTS Sales Method

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