QuickBooks Simple Start 2007

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  • Lets you create and track all the documents and forms you need to run your business efficiently
  • Helps you track sales and expenses as you go, simplifying your bookkeeping so you’ll be ready at tax time
  • Simple to learn and use–get up and running in 15 minutes
  • Track sales, expenses, and customers in one convenient place
  • When your business grows, existing data converts easily into higher-end editions of QuickBooks

Product Description
With QuickBooks Simple Start Edition 2007, you have the simplest way to track sales and expenses. Simple Start does it automatically, as you create receipts or invoices and make deposits. It reports the totals instantly, so you can see exactly how you’re doing. Start using the simplest way to track sales and expenses! Know how much money you’re making and be organized at tax time. Simple Start helps you track sales and expenses as you go, making your bookkeeping ea… More >>

QuickBooks Simple Start 2007

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  1. Darren D. Weiler Says:

    Product was shipped immediately, and recieved within a week. Only cosmetic damage to the box, however you can not control the treatment of packages in the mail. Great product and great place to work with.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Godwin Says:

    If you are buying this product because it is the cheapest one Intuit offers, excpect to get what you pay for. If your needs are really so simple that this product will work for you then you would be just as well off using a spreadsheet, or downloading the free version from Microsoft, or even using their home version with business added. By the time you figure out that you need better capabilities it will be too late to return it.

    Bottom line, if you want a good Quickbooks bump up to the Pro version, so you can get real Customer and Vendor management, and a decent overview summary, and multiple category levels.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. bholt777 Says:

    Not suited for any business that does much volume or has employees. The ads didn’t clearly tell me I couldn’t add Payroll over this version. Ended up having to buy the full Quickbooks anyway, wasting money.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Cindy Cook Says:

    Guess I didn’t read enough. If you already have QB and do payroll, this is not what you want. Now with the 2007 versions – if you need to do payroll, you’ll need QB Pro. Fortunately, QB did an upgrade for me at an upgrade discount, so I didn’t loose the $ totally.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. J. Galyon Says:

    I was looking for a simple package to keep records for small non-profit. Everyone advised me to get Quickbooks. Tried the free version first, but it is too limited. I can’t even imagine a business so simple that version would work for. Tried Simple Start 2007, installed OK on first attempt and used the package for around 6 months. Learning curve is steep but manageable for non-accounting types. Biggest problem (and so far unsolvable) came about when I contracted a virus on my PC. After clearing off the virus I had to reload most of my applications and all came back up fine. Quickbooks will NOT reinstall. I’ve tried all their fixes from the Intuit website and nothing works. I called Intuit Quickbooks, turns out this is a known bug and they still wanted to charge a fee to allow me to talk to a customer service person. I’ve decided to write off the $100 for the Quickbooks and use the free Microsoft Office financial package. I won’t be buying anymore Quickbooks packages.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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