QuickBooks Premier 2005

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  • Create a forecast of income and expenses for the year ahead, based on your existing QuickBooks data with the click of a button.
  • Build a professional, accurate business plan more easily than ever.
  • Track inventory assemblies and finished goods.
  • More easily apply payments, such as overpayments, underpayments, credits and refunds.
  • More easily merge QuickBooks data into Microsoft Word [2000, 2002 or 2003] letters and envelopes for quick, professional mailings to customers, vendors or employees.

Product Description
QuickBooks 2005 gives you easier access to relevant reports and onscreen help. You’ll find more flexible payment and payroll processing. You’ll get tools to help you use QuickBooks more effectively and the ability to easily merge customer information into Microsoft Word documents and envelopes. Now you can print shipping documents for UPS packages, as well as FedEx shipments and you’ll get access to a whole library of business resources, information and forms. Quic… More >>

QuickBooks Premier 2005

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  1. Michael Berger Says:

    I used this version of the software several years ago and it was not bad, but I would not recomend it today. This version is just too old and is certainly not worth the $750 which it is currently priced at.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Jennifer Keohane Says:

    I had few expectations for this product as my accounting and finance training was in large companies with multi-million dollar systems running on massive SAP & Oracle databases. So moving to found my own business meant learning a lot of new infrastructure, including our financial support.

    Quickbooks consistently impresses me with its ability to do what I need. For a small company, it provides a great deal of features and flexibility- you really can do an awful lot with the product. I am pretty confident that it will carry us through multiple offices, out of state locations, etc.

    You definitely need some accounting background (in my opinion) to try to dive in and use it; because it’s so rich, and can do so much, I can’t imagine trying to start using it without that background. I did go to a class through the SBA to get a quick primer on how to post transactions and such, which was useful.

    You can accomplish the same thing many ways in the system, which is both good and bad: the flexibility is nice, but it means that the user has to be disciplined about developing a consistent process. That’s not a problem, just a quirk; were Intuit to provide “templates” (not really “recommendations” b/c that might be “advice”) on how to post things, that would be useful.

    Again, I’m just starting to explore what can be done with the tool, but am very satisfied with the results and look forward to learning more about the product.

    Tim Keohane

    VP Finance & Operations

    Senior Educators


    Rating: 4 / 5

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