pt 2/2 Gerald Celente on Gary Null Dec 1st 2010

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Gerald Celente on Gary Null Dec 1st 2010 Trends Journal: Twitter:

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  1. capaneo Says:

    This is America!!? , ya!!? Heil Hitler!

    Best line ever!

  2. 1365225 Says:

    Gerald your spot on, America is becoming like Nazi Germany.

  3. christophercredit Says:

    @poosta7 Too much fluoride my friend? Have you any idea how many suppressed clean, renewable energy devices there are? Everyone on earth could live a middle class lifestyle without an iota of harm to the environment. The entire earths population could fit in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Solutions to humanity’s problems are the problem of the ruling elitists; solutions are a conflict of interest to them. Deflation of commodities, & a reduced work week would be the result of a free market.

  4. Excellence97 Says:

    @poosta7 are you serious? being poor is not a sign of immaturity. Being rich does not mean you don’t make bad decisions.

  5. ludwigvonsteampole1 Says:

    @JessicaBelle81 What he means by this, is that he wants the essentials of life not to be taxed or profit made from. You must get educated as to what is going on in self centered, money junkie, too big to fail, rigged casino stock market that has taken the US and the rest of the World hostage.

  6. PeaceAndGloryMB Says:

    In 2007 I watched one of the excellent Gary Null’s documentary about healthy eating. On the next day I switched to a proper diet and I am very happy with my decision!!! Is it a revolutionary thought to say that proper food is necessary condition for proper thought?

    What a universe of difference between Gerald and Gary on one hand, and the mass-media-propaganda on the other!

  7. neteraset9 Says:

    Excellent informative post!

  8. poosta7 Says:

    As we vacuum money from poor and middle class, who use it to buy hugely energy inefficient and destructive products (SUVs, air travel,electronic junk etc.), perhaps the rich are doing the world a favor like a parent takes sharp objects away from children (as Ghandi said, how many “americas” can the world afford?)

  9. christophercredit Says:

    How is it that housing is not essential to the health & welfare of humans? If you’ve never been homeless, try to imagine how horrible it would be. Many people perish as a direct result of homelessness; If the elements don’t kill you,the thugs may.If there were a legitimate shortage of any essential,the obvious solution is to ration that essential.But there is no shortage of any essentials;in fact quite the contrary.Man,Oh man, the s. is gonna hit the proverbial fan!Austerity in times of plenty?


    @FighterVSTirany Lost in space generation……they have no idea of how ill equipped they are to be self sufficient. There destiny has been stolen from them by ignorance of there past, there fate is sealed…sad but it is the truth, the free lunch price tag was freedom.

  11. strawdog1234567 Says:

    @fasteddie847 He might be off the mark on time a bit, after all, you can’t expect pin point accuracy all the time ,but when the market starts to go down in March 2011 as I have said then he will be vidicated.


    @fasteddie847 you do understand that the speculation on stock markets is a scam, 100 percent scam, it is man made shortages and herd mentality gambling and thus a fleecing of the sheep…..when it crashes it will be a slaughter of the sheep.

    Silver has increased against the fiat dollar 50 percent in the last 2 months, go have a look at your box stores to see where your consumer goods are manufactured, this collapse is by design.

    The crash is unfolding before your eyes

  13. fasteddie847 Says:

    I like Gerald but I think he has been DEAD WRONG on the “crash of 2010” That’s all he’s been saying all year. There’s been no crash whatsoever. The stock markets are at 2 year highs, the dollar is still pretty strong

    Now Gerald is out saying, “we never said it would be a stock market crash” Really, what other crash is there, a dollar crash? The dollar is still pretty strong

    I like Gerald and think he’s been right most all the time but he’s missed the mark this time and I’d an apology

  14. omv777 Says:

    I THINK IT’S TIME TO BUY BBB (beans, bullets and bullion) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also buy some TP (toilet paper) cause its hard to wipe your ass with
    a gold coin !!!!

  15. garrethdavis Says:

    @FighterVSTirany thank you!

  16. FighterVSTirany Says:

    @garrethdavis at least a simple but good comment!!!

  17. FighterVSTirany Says:

    @JessicaBelle81 by your name and number 81 (1981?) it seem to me that you belong to the lost generation, who doesn’t have a clue of what is going on in the world, first, because you know nothing about history. Read first, educate yourself and then post an interesting comment.

  18. FighterVSTirany Says:

    @ManFaded oh, another one who feels is a roman living the ‘roman empire’, ok, ok, Brutus!!!

  19. justjacqueline2004 Says:

    @unoitaliano But,if the people push back,the co-opted military will side with the elite,as they have done so far,and slaughter with impunity the people.Watch what happened in Ulster in the 1970s,where police and soldiers slaughtered with impunity-expect the same in the USA.

  20. drewzillasaurusrex Says:

    Yes end the wars. Not enough people like Mr Celente are saying that. End the wars.

  21. LemmingHerda Says:

    @JessicaBelle81 Hey Jess, when they talk about “banning trading in commodities essential to life” they aren’t talking about stopping sale of food/water etc, they are talking about stopping those commodities being traded openly as stocks/commodities/futures.
    The idea behind it is that it stops the price manipulation and control exerted on these commodities by evil bastards like george soros as Gerald and Gary mentioned.

  22. unoitaliano Says:

    @texasB666 The globalists know that art is an expression of individual freedom, that is why they have done a great job of decimating the market and devaluating it aswell. America is under siege by an evil, hate-filled, group of criminals period. Let tehm keep pushing, they know eventually the people willl push back.

  23. denverdog44 Says:

    Crash JP Morgan

  24. GhettoGoatRockRanch Says:

    @anunnaki2006 Very well put. Perhaps we’d all get a clearer perspective on things if we were to publicly audit everything. Maybe we’d have to put the results in a cartoon series for all those UNITED STATES PERSONS. Americans could just read the text.

  25. anunnaki2006 Says:

    ‘under water’, what do they use these terms? Simply the maritime admiralty system controls the commercial world via Oleron Law which is based on Vatican Canon Law. Our once nations of Land have been taken over due to bankruptcy of old and drown in the salt water of the Sea of Souls.

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