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You’ve been bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug. You have decided that you want to start your own business. You no longer want to be part of the corporate jungle but you want to make it on your own. Every year millions and millions of Americans and millions of people globally make the move from being employed to being self employed. For many – this comes as a natural progression for them as they may have a skills set that lends itself well to that of being self employed i.e a computer programmer may suddly become self employed and begin working back from his or her employer under a different guise. For many, though its not so simple – They may not have the big business idea, they may only know that they do not want to keep doing what they are currently doing. If this is YOU and you are at the same crossroads that I was at in 2002, one of the options to consider is a franchise. A franchise is great because you are effectively purchasing a system or a way of doing business that works so long as the person buying the franchise does what he is supposed to do, when he is supposed to do it. The records on franchises speak for themselves. Franchisees have a better survival rate. Franchisees seems to grow at a faster rate. But don’t you want more than survuval. Do you really want to work in a business where you are the most underpaid employee. Do you want to work for an organisation whose main goal is to sell more franchises.

How free are you really? In 2002, if you wanted to get into business and you were considering a franchise, then there were not many other options readily available. All that has channged now and its so much easier to set up and run your own business. I’m talking about living and working on line. The key point about the difference between and internet marketing business and a franchise are that: 1. It’s not a bricks and mortar business 2. You do not have to pay huge initial fees 3. You do not have to hire and manage bad staff 4. Your running costs are low 5. You can decide how to structure your business. Very often people confuse turnover with profit. A typical 500k turnover franchise will rarley generate an income of more than 50k for the owner – Imagine if you could make 75k working online and from your home – which would be more attractive for you? When it comes to evaluating, please look at all the options available to you today. Whatever business you go into will require masses of commitment, enthusiasm, focus and determination – even if you only choose to open up a hot dog stand.

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