Produce the Note and Mortgage Assignment Defenses

Pin It This video explains the mortgage “Produce the Note” defenses to foreclosure and discusses what your options are if you are facing foreclosure in terms of a possible defense.

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  1. nbesser08 Says:

    I had a similar problem. My videos show how I solved it:


    I am still in my home! Call me crazy! I agree – I am as crazy as a fox!

  2. gazroc Says:

    rip ooffff

  3. Hailthorn Says:

    I don’t need a lawyer for this process, it’s rather simple if you know what to ask.
    All you want to do is settle the debt for the original instrument of debt (document).
    It requires a few questions, some background knowledge, and a clear plan.
    For those of you thinking this is cheating, ask yourself: If it is illegal for a bank to loan me their money (deposits), where does the money come from?

  4. 419boyos Says:

    there is no website

  5. 419boyos Says:

    How did this come out now a year later?

  6. Derrickwqefr Says:

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  7. Lucci701 Says:

    Could you pls post the interview with Mr. Parker? Thx!

  8. lowelisamarie Says:

    There is so much more to it. Please go to Neil Garfields website LIVINGLIES. Every American facing foreclosure should get educated on the subject.

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